Kaizad Hansotia seeks to redefine fashion

It gives me an immense pleasure to announce that after working tirelessly hard for months for countless nights, our team has launched #RedefineFashion social movement whose aim is to challenge the status quo that fashion is not just about glamour or trends, but in reality, is about the people who create it. People such as the artisans and craftsmen who give their blood sweat and tears to bring a designer’s imagination to life. These skilled people in our country and declining and so are India’s traditional crafts. So together, let’s recognize and support them as we truly believe that Individually we can make a difference, and collectively we will bring change.

Please see this 2 min video and share your review and feedback. If you feel inspired then kindly sign up and help us share this video.
Warm regards,
Kaizad Hansotia

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