Aspi Sepoy Walks Again!

Dear Friends

This  video is  of Mr. Aspi Sipoy of the  Udwada Z Museum. The same Parsi gentleman who lost both of his legs because of the train accident.
He is learning to walk with prosthetic legs. Hats off to his courage and patience. May  Ahura Mazda Bless him in overcoming  his  handicap.

As a  donor towards the fund for his treatment you’d be glad to know about this, especially this THANKS Giving Day that he should soon be able to  walk again.

Rusi Sorabji

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  • Phiroze C. Amroliwalla.

    “When God is with you, can anyone be against you”.
    God has helped Aspi walk again through the sincere efforts of Dinshaw Tamboly! It is Dinshaw’s credibility and standing in society that helped collect the funds so speedily! Dinshaw has won the confidence of our community by his public accountability and untiring efforts for genuine causes.
    Thank you Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly and best wishes to Aspi for his future.

  • Hats off to Mr: Dinshaw Tamboli for his selfless effort. All the best wishes to Mr: Aspi Sipai.

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