Gregorian and Persian Calendars

Happy US Thanksgiving to all.

In Canada Thanksgiving was celebrated on 9 October DO YOU KNOW WHY?
Because the immigrants who came from Europe in the 14 & 15th century had a vague memory of Thanksgiving from back home. Those that had landed in Canada celebrated it in the first week of October in the year 1578. They were 53 immigrants and 90 Natives who took part.
In the US in 1621 Thanksgiving was celebrated by the settlers for the first time at the end of November about a month before winter.
President Lincoln celebrated it officially for the first time and Franklin Roosevelt made it national in 1939 then it was approved as a holiday by Congress in 1941.
Which of them is correct?
Maybe Neither because both were celebrated by European settlers from a vague memory they had from back home. Thanksgiving was related to harvesting and so each chose a day of their choice depending on when they found time after their harvest ended.
In Europe and England in the 1500’s they had about 95 Church holidays apart from the Sunday’s and they were required to attend prayers at church. Reformists were against such holidays and reduced it to 27 holidays. Today most of Europe do not celebrate Thanksgiving.
IN ANCIENT IRAN (3755 years ago) all festivals were related scientifically to the position of the Earth in relation to the sun, and its result, the change of season in Nature.
Thanksgiving MEHREGAN was celebrated on the Autumnal Equinox when Summer ended and Autumn started. Just like they celebrated Nou Rooz on the Vernal Equinox. They celebrated Mehregan on the First of Mehr month (23 September).
NOTE that the Europeans did not know that the Earth went around the Sun and in 1615 when Galileo said so, he was prosecuted and asked to retract his claim. He spent the rest of his life under house arrest.
The Persian calendar from the 2 millennium BCE  (as mentioned in the Bundahisn)  has been recognized as a PERFECT CALENDAR check it at.
The Gregorian calendar has gone so wrong that it calls the last four months as the 7th.  8th,  9th and 10th.
Did you know that originally it was a Roman lunar calendar that started in Spring? They had 38 weeks of 9 days, in 10 months,  And they intercalated the last 23 days in winter. That March April May & June are names of Roman gods. The rest were serial numbers.
That Julia Caesar named the then 5th month after himself JULY and Augustus Caesar named the next month after himself so we have AUGUST.
Check Out the PERFECT ancient Zarathushti calendar at
Hope one day very soon the world (UNESCO) will recognize this natural calendar that tracks nature and needs no correction for 110,000 years and adopts it as a Perfect calendar.

Fariborz Rahnamoon


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