Bangalore’s NAVAL DALAL Turns 103!

Life, at any age, is a celebration — more so when you turn 103, like Bangalore’s Naval H. Dalal did on November 27.

Fittingly, the Bangalore Parsee Zoroastrian Anjuman (BPZA), on behalf of its Trustees and members, felicitated at his residence.

Naval is the oldest Parsi living in Bangalore. Naval Hormusji Dalal was born on November 27, 1914, into a horse racing family!

When Naval was around 10-years-old, his elder brother, Rusi, who was just a few years older, took him for admission to the Clarence Boys School in Bangalore, where the English headmistress christened him ‘Noel’ – the name stuck ever since!

In 1948, Naval married Nergis (nee Tarapore), who is 95 years old today. By Ahura Mazda’s grace, they will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary next year!

Courtesy: Jam-e-Jamshed

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