Dr Peshotan Katrak receives Australia Day honours

Dr Peshotan Katrak – Rehab Physician and head priest receives Australia Day honours

Dr Katrak was honoured for his significant service to rehabilitation medicine, to medical education and to the Zoroastrian community in Sydney as their high priest.

Born in Mumbai in 1944, he received his MD from Mumbai University, MRCP in London and then completed training in the specialty of Rehabilitation Medicine (FAAPMR) from California, USA. He migrated to Australia in 1975 with post-graduate qualifications from three continents.

It was the fourth continent – Australia – which brought him greatest satisfaction in personal and professional circles. Married to Shernaz he is the father of two sons, Sohrab and Arash. Peshotan was among the pioneers of Rehabilitation Medicine in Australia. “At that time there were only a handful of fully qualified specialists as there was no program for young doctors in this field in Australia”, he said.

Complete article can be read at http://www.indiandownunder.com.au/2018/02/dr-peshotan-katrak-rehab-physician-and-head-priest-receives-australia-day-honours/


For the interest of our readers we add a tribute by our ex-Karachiite Hohang Sohrabji Bhandara who now lives in Australia: “I had an industrial accident in 1997 and was hospitalised for over three months, and was very depressed. One morning I saw this gentleman sitting next to my bed and he introduced himself and made me feel very easy. He assisted me throughout the time I was in hospital, and sent me to one best rehab. His presence and words were enough. Dr Peshotan, you did not know me and wonder how you came to know about me, but you came as an Angel in disguise. I will never forget you as long as I live. God bless you and your family.”

Courtesy : What’s On – Karachi

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