Zoroastrian-themed Colouring Book Is Top Navroz Gift Idea

Rewind to March 2017 when you received the most adorable picture of Baby Zarathustra in your inbox/Whatsapp messenger app. Yes, we are referring to the same viral picture that you couldn’t resist forwarding to everyone on your contact list for Navroz last year.

We caught up with Delzin Choksey, who we previously introduced to you, as the artist and illustrator of that viral image, and learned that she has even bigger news to share this year.

Delzin — a California-based Zoroastrian entrepreneur — is excited to introduce her latest venture, “Color and Learn – My First Zoroastrian Coloring Book” to Zoroastrians all over the world.



Delzin originally set out on this project as a way to introduce her own daughter Zinaya to Zoroastrianism through an activity most children thoroughly enjoy—colouring. But in time she recognized the need to compile her illustrations into a book and to make it available to every Zoroastrian parent around the world.

“Color and Learn” is an eight-page colouring book, that aims to introduce children to our culture and traditions by highlighting basic Zarathushti symbols like the Sagan Ni Ses, Farohar, Atash, etc. Printed on 8″ x 11″ premium quality paper the book is great for crayons and holds up well even to watercolours. It provides many hours of fun and encourages our young bawas and bawis to recognize as well as identify with all things Zoroastrian. For all you Sunday School teachers, this book also makes a fantastic addition to Sunday School programs for young Zarathustis.


Already in its second print run, Delzin’s book is currently a best-seller for her studio Crispy Doodles with orders from Zoroastrian Sunday school programs across the United States. The Crispy Doodles online store also features cute frames for Baby Zarathushtra and other gift ideas like personalized inspirational canvases for kids rooms, an ABC coloring book and her highly popular Baby Ganesha frames.


Find her book and other products in India at: bit.ly/crispydoodlesindia and in the U.S. and the rest of the world at: bit.ly/crispydoodles


For bulk orders email: delzin@crispydoodles.com


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