Prime Minister Rt Hon Theresa May Jamsheedi NoRuz message to the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe and Zoroastrian community

We at the ZTFE are delighted to share with you, that once again the ZTFE and the Zoroastrian community has received a celebratory message for Jamsheedi NoRuz on Wednesday 21st March 2018 from our Prime Minster Rt Hon Theresa May.  Please download the attached letter on 10 Downing Street letterhead, the text is pasted below. 
I would like to wish everyone celebrating Jamsheedi NoRuz a very happy year.  Although NoRuz is celebrated by many communities, its origins and religious significance are, of course Zoroastrian.  
History records that the Zoroastrians have celebrated the joyous spring festival of Jamsheedi NoRuz for over 2500 years.  It continues to the first day of spring and has special significance, as it is a time for the restoration of peace and the renovation of the world.  It is also a celebration of the revival of nature, bringing with it warmth and prosperity after the cold winter months.

May the spirit of renovation that symbolizes the ancient Zoroastrian festival of Jamsheedi NoRuz be emulated by all people and nations, where friendships are renewed and quarrels are set aside to usher in peace, tranquility, well-being and the rejuvenation of happiness and all that is good in the world.
The Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe is the oldest Asian faith-based voluntary association in the UK and together with the Zoroastrian community has contributed to the progress, well-being and prosperity of our country. I wish you all peace and joy on this day of NoRuz.
Theresa May
21 March 2018

Many of you are aware that the oldest photograph in the ZTFE archives, is of our then president Dr Dadabhai Naoroji (first Indian / Asian MP in Britain), together with Sir Mancherjee Merwanjee Bhownaggree (second Indian / Asian MP), Allan Octavian Hume (Father of the Indian National Congress) and guests from other faith communities including founder members of the Indian National Congress, celebrating Jamsheedi NoRuz in 1906 at the Cafe Royal, Regents Street. This year, just like in the previous 111 years, the ZTFE together with the Zoroastrian community celebrated Jamsheedi NoRuz on 21st March. On behalf of Team ZTFE, I thank you for your continued support and loyalty, thus enabling the ZTFE to continue to celebrate this ancient Zoroastrian New Year festival on the actual day itself.


Yours sincerely 

Malcolm M Deboo
Malcolm M Deboo
Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe (Incorporated), Established 1861
Oldest Asian Faith Based Voluntary Organisation in the United Kingdom  
Zoroastrian Centre, 440 Alexandra Avenue , Harrow, Middlesex HA2 9TL , UK
Religious and Cultural Centre of the Parsi & Irani Zoroastrian Community

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