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Meaning of Sadra

What is the meaning of the word ‘Sadra’ and why is it so called? Er. Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia explains:

• The word sadra or sudreh is derived from two Persian words sud “beneficial” and reh/rah “path”. Thus, sudreh means “a beneficial path”.

• The sadra is the road map that leads a Zoroastrian towards his duties and obligations of life. These duties and obligations are:
i. To be good
ii. To be responsible
iii. To be mindful of the two forces – good and evil – and work towards increasing the former and decreasing the latter.
iv. To be mindful of the two worlds – the physical and spiritual.
v. To look after the three main creations – plants, animals and minerals.

• These duties are symbolically enshrined in the nine seams (called saandhas in Gujarati) which make up the sadra – 1 gireban, 1 girdo, 2 sleeves, 2 sides and 3 tiris.

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World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust & WZO Trust Funds

As the scope of our work continues to grow and as more community members continue to support the work our Trusts do we would like to share with you some of the success stories you have made possible.

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Vintage Rusi

Vintage Rusi is a short film made for the 2005 Kala Ghoda arts and street festival in Mumbai. With Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal , Bapu Malcolm and Beezan Charna in leading roles. It was directed by Ashok Salian, noted photographer and film maker.


When Asho Zarathushtra

Was the Chosen  one

He didn’t

own a palace

Leave aside a

Be jeweled throne

Nor people to

Do His bidding

He lead a very quiet life

In some secluded alley

In a very simple home


Where ever He went

He did not strut

Like a peacock

Nor did He have

Any Ego or Pride

Though He was

Protected by His Mazda

He was put through

A rigorous ordeal

Through out His Life

To prove His worth

Often felt like

Throwing in the towel


Why can’t our

“Learned Ones”

Follow in His footsteps?

Why be full of

Ego & pride?

One simple reason

`Cause they think

They are the “Anointed Ones”


Time is running out

No time to snooze

Down a glass of whiskey

Or take a Parsi Peg

By sitting in a rocking chair

Unleash the Pristine Message

`Cause we have a lot loose


Finally He made it through

With utmost Faith & determination

That is why we have

A religion named

After Him


With a very Unique Message;

“No Rules”


Choicest Happiness