Shayan Italia | 2018 Indian National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana)

“Within a matter of days, #IWouldStandForThis has generated a spectacular response, the most viewed online video of the Indian national anthem ever. Thanks for the thousands of great comments but we are now disabling them. This rendition is a heartfelt tribute to both Mother India and my dear Mother whom I lost early on. I would prefer to keep this precious space quiet. One and all–thanks very much for the respect. Keep watching, keep liking and keep sharing!” – Much love, Shayan

In just 48 hours, the Indian National Anthem #IWouldStandForThis version becomes the most successful Indian National Anthem video on YouTube securing over 8.6 million views. #IWouldStandForThis honours the Indian National Anthem (Jana Gana Mana), performed by Shayan Italia in 8K Ultra HD on the world’s grandest piano, to pay homage to his mother. #IWouldStandForThis brings together multinational cross-cultural music and video production talent from all over the world to inspire patriotism amongst the youth of India in its digital age. Incredible detail when viewed in Ultra HD and with headphones. Full 8K (8192 x 4320) resolution can be viewed via Google Chrome browser. Support the global initiative by adding the hashtag #IWouldStandForThis to the end of your comments across all social media platforms and join the movement.


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CHIEF PRODUCTION TEAM & SPECIAL THANKS Since 8K Ultra HD processing technology doesn’t exist in India as of yet, various studios from across the world (including USA, Russia, UK, Australia, Singapore and the UAE) came together in unison to make the processing of this video happen.

Arranged and Performed on Steinway Model D by: Shayan Italia Directed by: Dr. FarhadVijayArora Chief Audio Engineers: Tim Young, Ronan Phelan, ShantanuHudlikar Produced by: Shayan Italia & FarhadVijayArora Co-Producers: AmarjeetDahiya, RajanVanmali & ShyamGarg Co-Director: Sandeep Singh Khichi & Aapar Gupta Director of Photography: Mohammed ShahnawazAnsari Post Production & VFX Overview: Kalinath Roy & DilberVijayArora Associate Producers: Jagdish Ingle, ImranMalgunkar, & RajuDubeyEPs: SahilGulia & PankajKansara Photography: Jeetu & Kinnari Makeup: ArshisJaveri Styling: Shanaya Boyce Script: Atul Malhotra & DilnaazBharucha


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