Rocking on – Zubin Ballaporia

EVEN before Zubin Balaporia earned his stripes as successful rock star, thanks to his band Rock Machine (later Indus Creed), much of south Mumbai knew him as the son of Jai Hind College’s formidable viceprincipal Mrs Vispi Balaporia. Post his stint on the keyboard, Zubin moved on to producing music and advertising. He is now pursuing a new passion, photography, and will showcase his first exhibition at Srila Chatterjee and Siddharth Sirohi’s beautiful furniture store in Lower Parel. This may be Zubin’s maiden venture in photography but the inveterate traveller’s journeys are chronicled in an insightful manner. “When Zubin brought them to show, I believed that what he was doing was what we should all do: expand horizons, explore new territories and embrace change,” says Chatterjee. 

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  • Much strength to dear Zubin. . My one and only time i saw him “live” was in Jai Hind ..during my student years..sanjay maroo on drums..
    And I’ll never forget his super elegant mum Mrs B .. she taught Business Communication.. abso loved her.
    Later i enjoyed watchin..listenin to Zubin and Indus Creed ..on tv.
    Keep goin from strength to strength. .
    Keep growin..

    Much love light laughter alwayzzzzzzz. .


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