Month-Long Feast In Colaba Celebrates Parsi Lagan Fare

The pop-up curated by Perzen Patel, known for her catering service The Bawi Bride Kitchen, will feature dishes authentic to the community and common to a Parsi wedding menu

Mumbai Food: Month-long feast in Colaba celebrates Parsi lagan fare

Mamaji’s curry and rice

If marriages are about two people, then Indian weddings are about two people, their families, and possibly, everyone on the mailing list, too. The Parsi community is not be left out either, offering an exquisite feast at lagans.ADVERTISINGinRead invented by Teads

“I am from a catering background and when we were in college, we had to do 50 outdoors each year. Everybody wanted to go for Parsi weddings because that’s where we would get to taste the best food, and especially those big patra ni pomfrets. So, Parsi food has always been something that I really enjoyed,” shares Sumit Gambhir, co-owner of Bombay Vintage at Colaba, ahead of a month-long pop-up, Lagan Nu Bhonu, beginning today at the restaurant. The pop-up curated by Perzen Patel, known for her catering service The Bawi Bride Kitchen, will feature dishes authentic to the community and common to a Parsi wedding menu.

Kolah nu achaar na pattice

Kolah nu achaar na pattice

“You are likely to find dishes like the patra ni machchi, jardaloo chicken, and pulao dal at a Parsi wedding. And while this pop-up is about wedding food, it is also about the more rarer dishes that you would find at a Parsi wedding. Earlier, guests or relatives settled overseas would come and stay with the family and the wedding would become a three-to-four-day affair. So, these dishes are the ones that would be served to guests for lunch or dinner at home, rather than the food that was prepared for the main ceremony,” Patel clarifies. And this comes through in the eclectic menu with dishes such as kolah nu achaarna pattice, a traditional carrot and dry-fruit pickle that she has re-imagined as a cutlet, Mamaiji’s curry and rice, a prawn curry recipe Patel inherited from her grandmother, and dhandaar and lagan no patio, a tangy tomato curry served with rice and a Parsi version of the yellow dal, that will be on offer.

Perzen Patel

Perzen Patel

Not long ago, Gambhir also hosted a pop-up highlighting traditional fare from the kitchens of the city’s diverse Catholic communities in the city, from Goans to the East Indians. “We are inspired by the communities and the people who have helped build Bombay as a city. People tend to think about chaats and street food when they think of food in the city, but there is so much more. We are trying to collaborate with people who are passionate about their culinary heritage and who come from different backgrounds,” he says, reflecting on what urged him to host these regionally inclined pop ups.

ON: Today, 12 pm to 1 am
AT: Indian Mercantile Mansion, Regal Circle, Colaba.
CALL: 22880017

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