A Counterpoint on the Parsee General Hospital issue

18 November 2018
We have read  with regrets , the Press Release issued by Mr. Homa Petit, which is identical in all the five newspapers. It may be a paid news, but the crux of the matter is the defense put up by Mr. Petit , that community must clutch with folded hands the Hong Kong offer of Rs. 150 crores or else the offer may be with withdrawn by 31st March, 2019. 
Mr. Homa Petit is a eminent Solicitor, and world surely understand that a Rs. 150 crores donation is subject to the new building being handed over only to Medanta for 45 years , with further rights over the old hospital as per the agreement with Mr. Naresh Trehan, signed by Mr. Petit claiming to be a President of a registered society,  and suppressing the fact that the Hospital is governed by the Trust Deed of 1906 , executed by Sir Bomanjee Petit and is filed on record , even presently with the Office of the Charity Commissioner , Maharashtra State . 
The community will appreciate that the entire contract with Mr. Naresh Trehan is a fraud on public trust , and it is no answer to say  that some of the BPP Trustees have later ratified this contract. It  is a cardinal principle of law that a fraud cannot be ratified, nor can any person can take advantage of his own wrong, as fraud  renders every action null and void. 
It would highly desirable that Homa Petit files a reply, before the learned Charity Commissioner, as it is not being done for last 7 months on some pretext or another, but instead the Press Release as issued, betrays lack of faith in the judicial process. We  now hope that the reply will be filed by the next date of hearing. 
Mr. Homa Petit has  misguided the community by claiming that Mr. Naresh Trehan will pay Rs  12 crores a year for use and occupation of the new building for 45 years. It is well settled that any administrator by whatever name called,  of a property of a public trust, has to act with prudence and care. However in the present case , no bank grantee of payment of Rs. 12 crores a year has been obtained from Mr. Trehan,  and in a mostly likely case, a default is likely to happen even in the first year itself under the excuse of lack of profit , as very well pointed out by activist Mr. Zoru Bhathena, and  the Parsi beneficiaries of the Trust will be without any remedy,  and will be faced with an impossible task of recovering possession , as all prudence of a man of business has been thrown to the winds by a secret agreement. 
I have written this reply with good will towards all,  in interest of the public charitable trust,  founded by Sir Bomanjee Dinshaw Petit for the benefit of Parsi Community. 
Khushru Zaiwala


  • It would be good to see a reply to Mr. Zaiwalla’s comments from Mr. Petit, that would assure the community against any fraud or misinformation.


    Bank Gaurantee is utmost important to safe guard the interest of the trust & community at large because in majority of the cases it is not fullfilled,delayed on the pretext of not paying . abhi bola abhi fok

  • …..MANY DOUBTFUL things that stand out ….
    Why the ultimatum of giving 150 Crores …
    by March 30th2019 ……
    Secondly One has to follow the Trust deed …of 1906 …One can’t sign the documents only because HOMA PETIT has signed it …
    Secondly…there is no BANK GURATEE …SO as said …they can raise their hands up saying there is no profit .. Are we now going after them to give us money ?
    The sooner it is brought to notice of CHARITY COMMISSIONER THE BETTER ..before it is too late …
    45 years is a long long way to go …
    U & I are not going to live that long …
    It is our duty to take up the matter …for the sake of our future generations…
    This will also open doors of BPP…in future to do the same thing in other colonies & Baug’s ..
    Wondering if this is a ploy for PETIT SANATORIUM at KEMPS CORNER ?

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