Zenobia Mistri, Teacher Par Excellence

Dear friends,

I am really happy to inform you that my book, ‘Zenobia Mistri, Teacher Par Excellence’, is now available worldwide on Kindle. The Kindle version can be accessed at Amazon. Simply go to the Amazon website and type in my name, Shireen Isal. To cite a few examples:

In India – http://www.amazon.in (Rs,329)

In USA – http://www.amazon.com ($7.99)

In the UK – http://www.amazon.co.uk (£4.75)

In France – http://www.amazon.fr (5.52 euros)

In Canada – http://www.amazon.ca (Can $ 9.99)

It is also available in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and a host of other countries worldwide via their Amazon websites.

I have been advised that putting the book on Kindle would enable easier access and thereby increase its readership. I really hope this will be the case. Accessing the book has certainly just been made easier; you may even purchase a Kindle copy and directly gift it to a friend.

Thank you for your continued support. And do inform your friends and contacts.

Zenobia with her husband, Pirosha Mistri. Credit: The Mistri family

The book, ‘Zenobia Mistri, Teacher Par Excellence’, was the focus of a gracious event organised in Mumbai on 12th February 2019.  Shireen Isal, the author, read extracts from the biography, followed by a Q&A with a small but enthusiastic audience.  The event, arranged by Mehli and Saker Mistri and moderated by Firdaus Gandavia, Ph.D English Litt., was attended by, amongst others, students of Zenobia Mistri, one of the most iconic teachers of French language and literature in the Mumbai of the last century.

 There were moments of nostalgia, when many of those present recalled their teacher with affection. Moments of humour too at her lovable eccentricities.  But, above all, an all-round acknowledgement of her immense teaching talents,  from which scores of students over five decades greatly benefited.  

Teachers devote their lives to the cause of their students’ education and well-being, moulding and framing who they are without their even realising it.  Zenobia Mistri was one such teacher and this was unanimously acknowledged at this reunion.  

The get-together around Shireen Isal’s book, ‘Zenobia Mistri, Teacher Par Excellence’, was at the residence of Mehli and Saker Mistri, ‘Belmont’, Dubash Marg, off Napean Sea Road, Mumbai 400 006. Mehli is grandson of Zenobia Mistri and has related how Zenobia as a teacher literally transformed his life.

‘Zenobia Mistri, Teacher Par Excellence’ is available at www.parsiana.com & in the Parsiana bookshop, Fort, Mumbai (in India); www.amazon.co.uk  (in U.K. & Europe) andwww.fezana.org (in USA & Canada).

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