Taking A Look At The Lesser Known Moderators Of Peace During India’s Partition

The Parsee community is the underdog of the Partition as it selflessly extended a helping hand to the communities which were suffering from communal violence and turmoil.

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  • Once upon a time Paris were a proud lot. Over the years the Community is being decimated by the some in the community who think they own the religion & passes fatwas and the people swallow what they say like meek little lambs.
    Democracy & Freedom go hand in hand. Lives have been, lost lot of blood has been
    Democracy & freedom didn’t come easy.
    Let me leave you with this thought:
    “One is Superior
    No one is Inferior
    We are all equal on same playing field
    At the same time
    Nobody Owns Zoroastrianism

    So please stop the bullying tactics & shove ordinances down people’s throats.
    Listen to none. USe one’s Vohu Mano. Do not fear what people say. They will say it anyway. Do what is Right & in the end one will say:
    “I DID IT MY WAY”!

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