An Interesting Anecdote

In 1884, the Cowasji Jehangir family visited England along with Jamshedji N Tata.
During this visit Jamshedji took my grandfather Sir C J (2nd Bart) aged 5, shopping to a fair. Evidently my great grandfather had given my grandfather one shilling as shopping allowance. The young boy Cowasji decided to purchase a bust of Queen Victoria costing two shillings. Jamshedji then stepped in and solved the dilemma by contributing the extra shilling !
The Tatas and Jehangirs were great friends. Jamshedji was particularly fond of my grandfather inspite of the exactly 40 years age difference and remained so till the former passed away in 1904.
A few years later Sir C J (1st Bart) was a co promoter of Tata Iron and Steel Co and also a founder director till his death in 1934. Subsequently his son the 2nd Bart was made a director, a position he held till 1962, the year of his death. He had however resigned a few months before owing to failing health.
I thought this cute story would be of interest as it was Jamshedji’s 180th Anniversary a few days ago and that my brother Jehangir was last month appointed a trustee of Sir Ratan Tata Trust.
This statue is still with our family. Notwithstanding that the Founder of Tatas paid for 50% of it we will not entertain any claims for it from the House of Tatas !!!
Cheers !
Adi Jehangir ( 7th March 2019 )

Photo taken on this trip on the cover of the book “ Bombay Then/Mumbai Now”.
L-R : Sir Cowasji Jehangir 1st Bart (1853-1934), Mr Jamshedji N Tata (1839-1904), Sir Cowasji Jehangir 2nd Bart (the boy with hat, 1879-1962), Miss Cooverbai Jehangir (1877-1954) . Seated: Lady Dhunbai Cowasji Jehangir (1860-1940).


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