Let us get together and support a very talented individual Ava Mehta

For all of you who know Ava Mehta and for all of you, who, like me, know her through her wonderful work ‘The story of our Religion – Zoroastrianism’, this is for you.
Ava is currently battling grueling cancer and the financial impact of the illness has left her stressed. A kind parent from her current school in the UK, has set up a campaign for her. When I came across it, I thought it only right to share with the community to which Ava has so greatly contributed. Here is her campaign –https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/avamehta
Ava’s illustrations and the story in her first book made religion so much fun and exciting for me as a young girl, I am sure many of you loved her book too. (If you haven’t laid your eyes on it, you’ve been missing out, young Zarathushtis!) It was one of my favorite books growing up and it is one of the only childhood books that I still have with me and I am ready to now read to my children. Her whimsical illustrations and cute storylines made me laugh and return to re-read the book with so much enthusiasm. I will always be grateful for this gift you have given to me and my family Ava!
Ava has her second book published (Please do contact me for details delzinchoksey(at)gmail.com). She is also working on her third book amidst her chemotherapy, which in itself is an arduous task! Let’s get together and support Ava and leave her to only draw for the wonderful little children who’s life she unwittingly is changing – one beautiful book at a time.
Delzin Choksey
Founder, Crispy Doodles


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