Bombay Dreams – Anosh Irani

MUMBAI -raised Anosh Irani is out with a new book and it’s making the right kind of noises in international literary

circles. To start with, there’s a heads-up from the book in the writers’ bible, Granta, for their latest ‘Canada’ issue, as well the revered Los Angeles Review of Books magazine. Irani’s newest book is a collection of short stories called Translated from the Gibberish: Seven Stories and One Half Truth. It deals with Irani’s experience of leaving India for Canada to pursue a career in writing. Irani is a playwright and author who has been nominated for multiple awards, including Roger Writers Trust Fiction Prize, Governor General’s Awards for English-language Fiction. And the Man Asian Literary Prize. “It is my most personal book till date,” Irani tells your diarist. “It is part-memoir, part-fiction, what one would call ‘auto-fiction’. It’s simply about what it means to be between two worlds, there are stories of exile, but also stories of Bombay.” Irani prefers to call the city by its old name. “One of the stories is about a penguin in the Byculla Zoo called Mr Molt, he really does exist there.”

Courtesy : Pune Mirror

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