Marvels in the Life of Prophet Zarathushtra

Zarathushtra Spitama is universally accepted and recognized the first prophet to reveal religion to the world. His message was simple and at the same time deeply mystical, philosophical and spiritual. He was born in remote antiquity, anywhere between two to six thousand years before Christ. Though Zarathushtra was born a mortal, he was an angel in human form. Marvels and miracles not only preceded his birth, but they were manifest throughout his life as well. The story of his life is told in a lucid and gripping style, with parables and stories that introduce the reader to the philosophy of Prophet Zarathushtra’s teachings, which he not only preached but also lived, and which have survived several millennia.


  • Interesting need more info πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

  • Please let me know if possible where I can purchase this Book and its cost ?
    Very good previews

    • It’s available on Amazon, with 22% discount. Click on the link given above, at the end of the article

    • See link given at end of the article. The book is available on Amazon, with 22% discount

  • His Real name was Ashok jarthust . I studied in Bombay .
    Recollect few of my Parsi friends .
    I enjoyed eating food in their Restaurants they are loyal with friends and very talanted in Business .
    Enjoyed through out my stay in India very polite
    Community and helpful .

    Simon .

  • His Pristine Message: Equality be humble treat people with respect as well dignity. What have some of our Dasturs screwed up the religion by practising Racism Discrimination Bigotry as well Sacrilege

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