Parsee Fire Temple in Zanzibar, 1996

In 1996 Henriette and Lucas were investigating the life of Farook Bulsara in Zanzibar, and along the way discovered the fascinating history and the hidden treasures of the old Parsee Fire Temple that was no longer in use. We would gratefully like to credit Freddie Mercury’s music that we have used without official permission, but that is really the only fitting music under this video. Asante sana!


  • Freddy Mercury put Zoroastrianism on the map without titles awards or accolades putting the Zoroastrian hierarchy to shame. Take heed

  • Lovely to see Zanzibar. Unfortunately the Fire Temple looks so dilapitated. I remember all the wonderful weddings and Navjotes
    we had there and lot of fun.

  • My navjote was celebrated in this Agiary in 1964.

    • Rhoda, I do not remember you in Zanzibar. Were you the adopted daughter of Dara Mistry?

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