Aid to Iran – Rejoinder From Parzor

This is to bring to your notice that the Article that has been published in the Jame-e- Jamshed of 22 March 2020, under the heading “Parzor Appeal for Iran  Zoroastrians Afflicted by the Dreaded Coronavirus” was not intended to be brought into the public domain.

Neither WZOT nor Parzor Foundation, as Indian NGOs  is permitted to collect any Donation for any Organization or Individual outside India. Therefore Parzor Foundation cannot receive any Donation- Indian or Foreign for this purpose in the Vijaya Bank Account whose details have unfortunately been given in the Article. Hence any money transferred to this account cannot be used for this purpose.

The appeal made several days ago was for private circulation and was not meant for Individuals to sent money directly to the Parzor Account. Dr Shernaz Cama has been to facilitating individuals who would like to help for this worthwhile cause and is extremely grateful for the community response in support of this cause. However given the nature of the Parzor Organization it is NOT possible to accept money in Parzor accounts.

All individuals who would like to support the cause may please first contact Dr Shernaz Cama at and she will explain to you how you could help.

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