Looking for Khorshed Nododwalla & Khorshed Baagwalla

I’m hoping you can help me.
My mother is looking for her 2 school friends who must be in their 80’s. They suddenly lost touch just a few years back.
Their names are Khorshed Nododwalla & Khorshed Baagwalla.
Do you think you could possibly help me?
I will be very grateful.
Many thanks.

Warm Regards,
Anil & Shahina

Shahina Oberoi s.oberoi@barfoot.co.nz


  • i know of a baagwalla family who lives on the third floor of one of the buildings in chikkal wadi, tardeo. i dont know them personally. sylloo bharucha (sylloo@rediffmail.com)

  • Khorshed Nadodwala stays at station terrace next to grant road station(W)

  • Know of one Khorshed Nadidwalla who lives at Station Terraces, Sleater Troad, Grant Road West

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