Mankind – Whither Bound

This treatise, by Dasturji M N Dhalla, an eminent scholar, traces the history of mankind and the thought processes prevailing during each era and the path forward for mankind. This scholarly work has been acclaimed to be amongst the best of his writings. We bring this to you with the kind permission of Ms. Coomi Vevaina for the benefit of the community. Download it and read it at leisure for an enjoyable experience.

This is a 567 page book and will take some time to download – please be patient

Click Here to download Mankind – Whither Bound

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  • HI
    I have downloaded :
    “Mankind – Whither Bound” by Dasturji M N Dhalla
    and started reading it, must be a very good book. I read previously a book by the author some decades ago and liked that also.

    Thanks and regards

    I am an Ahmadiyya Muslim

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