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UPDATE ON Er. ZAHAN TUREL – who suffered from Burns Injuries





– Team WZO Trusts.


Community members are aware that 15 year young Mobed Zahan Turel suffered from burns injuries on 24th October 2020 when his jama caught fire whilst performing the Rapithvan Geh boi ceremony at Goti Adarian, Surat.


Since WZO Trust’s used their good offices to raise funds from institutions and individuals, details of injuries, treatment, donations and expenditures are being shared in the public domain by way of accountability towards donors.


Injuries & Treatment:


After a short stint of a few hours at a local hospital at Surat for immediate treatment Er. Zahan was transferred to Masina Hospital at Mumbai on 25th October 2020 under the care of burns & plastic surgery specialists – Dr. Suhas Abhyankar and Dr. A. M. Vartak.


Er. Zahan was found to have suffered 48.50% severe and deep burns on his entire upper body, neck, both hands, ears. Doctor’s informed that first 3 weeks were critical and saving Zahan from any sort of infection was the only priority. Fortunately his face and legs were not damaged. Doctor conveyed that probably the entire affected body would need skin grafting which would be a very long haul process. Three graftings were expected to be done.


At the time of admission Er. Zahan tested Covid Positive and was immediately moved to Covid ICU for isolation. This hindered treatment for a few days as the plastic surgeon and burns specialist were not allowed to enter COVID ward. After intense treatment his Covid report came negative and was again shifted to Normal ICU on 5th November 2020.


During his stay at Masina Hospital, Er. Zahaan was given treatment which included two skin grafting surgeries performed on 21st November 2020 and 16th December 2020. Er. Zahaan was discharged from Masina Hospital on 4th January 2021.


Post discharge his daily massage and dressings are being done in Mumbai. Currently there are few patches left to be healed which are expected to heal in due course of time.

Daily dressing is still to be done till the skin stabilizes, which is expected to continue for 2 months from the date of discharge.


In the near future Er. Zahan will have to wear pressure garments for two to three years.

Daily occupational therapy is presently being undertaken at Masina Hospital’s Occupational Therapy Centre. He continues to receive regular counseling.


There is every possibility that Er. Zahan may also require reconstructive surgeries and / or cosmetic surgery sometime in the future.


Though Er. Zahan is unable to sit for long period of time, he has decided to appear for his school board exams and has started gradual preparations for the same.


Expenses as on 22nd January 2021:


Rs.     53,000: initial treatment at Surat Hospital.

Rs.30,34,000: treatment at Masina Hospital.


Rs.30,87,000: Total.


Donations & Insurance:


Rs.   6,00,000: From a donor who has paid directly to Masina Hospital.

Rs.    6,00,000: From insurance company.

Rs.    9,00,000:  From various donors who have paid directly to Er. Zahan’s family.

Rs.  43,78,781: Raised by WZO Trust’s from donors within India.

Rs.  53,47,941: Raised by WZO Trust’s from donors overseas.


Rs.1,18,26,722: Total


WZO Trust’s are holding Rs.77,26,722 on behalf of funds raised by them and will be handing over the amount soon to Er. Zahan Turel’s family for his continuing treatment, as well as possible further treatment at Shriner’s Children Hospital at Boston (USA) modalities and logistics of which are being worked out.


WZO Trusts profusely thank institutions and individuals who have collectively contributed towards this humanitarian effort and pray that young Zahan will quickly overcome the set back, rejoin the mainstream, continue to serve the community, and be blessed with a sound future.











Meeting id : 848 725 1418
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In the Gathas, Dr. Karishma finds Neuro-Cognitive guidance that applies to the essence of the changing times. She finds messages for converting challenges to opportunities. In Asho Zarathustra’s thoughts and words, she finds the principles of Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurship to build beyond available resources and guidance for joyfully working together for the Good of All.

Dr. Karishma will explain and discuss how the ancient and timeless Tenets and Principles have withstood the test of time and is applicable to all Peoples the World over in all aspects of personal and professional life.


In 2012 Dr. Karishma co-founded the Ultimate Achievements Academy with her mother, applying the principles from Neuroscience to Learning and Development in the Academic and Executive World. They help empower people through Neuroscience-based Holistic Life Coaching and Executive Training with knowledge and belief in the good in themselves and others, building confidence and self-esteem to add value to lives of others and achieve excellent results all though life. Dr. Karishma mentors students from high School to doctorate level in scientific fields. Recently, Dr. Karishma has founded the “Ba Humata” project aimed to build a Global Fellowship with all Zarathushti Associations around the world to share Zoroastrian Tenets and Principles and their application in personal and professional day-to-day life. She has learned the principles from her Grandfather Ervad Noshirwanji Pestonji Panthaki (son of Dasturji Pestonji Noshirwanji Panthaki, late Dasturji of Sir J.J Agiary, Pune), Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary (High Priest of Iran), Mobed Soli P. Dastur (USA), Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia (India) and the writings of Ervad K.E Kanga, Dasturji N. D Minocheherhomjee, Dasturji M. N Dhalla and Ervad Sir J. J. Modi among others.

After a BSc. in Chemistry, Environmental Science and Biology, Karishma did an MSc. (Research) in Computational Neuroscience and Molecular Biology from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Bangalore. She was selected  to do a PhD at the University of Cambridge, Neuroscience Programme, on Scholarship from Cambridge, Nehru and British Government Trusts. Her Post-Doctoral work at the Medical Research Council, London was on Stem Cells in the Brain and Learning & Development. Dr. Karishma believes strongly in and supports the Zarathushti Faculty Network, while being a member of the ZTFE (London). She believes that Social, Economic and Knowledge Entrepreneurship work effectively at the Global level of Fellowship with Zarathushti Tenets.


Jehan Daruvala creates history, becomes first Indian to win a Formula 2 race

Jehan Daruvala creates history, becomes first Indian to win an Formula 2 race

Jehan Daruvala emerged on top in the support race of the season-ending Formula 1 Grand Prix after a thrilling battle against F2 champion Mick Schumacher and Daniel Ticktum

Jehan Daruvala created history when he became the first Indian to win a Formula 2 race during the Sakhir Grand Prix on Sunday.

A thrilling battle against F2 champion Mick Schumacher and Daniel Ticktum saw the 22-year-old Indian emerge on top in the support race of the season-ending Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Jehan, driving for Rayo Racing, had a good launch from second on the grid and was up alongside pole sitter Daniel Ticktum.

Ticktum squeezed Jehan on the inside which allowed Schumacher to go around the outside of both of them.

Eventually, Ticktum emerged in the lead, followed by Schumacher and Jehan in third. A few corners later, Jehan made a good move to pass Schumacher and get into second position.

A few laps later, Schumacher passed Jehan, to relegate him to third.

Jehan, however, did not give up. A thrilling battled ensued and eventually the Indian got past Schumacher once again, to reclaim his second spot.

Jehan then reeled off a series of quick laps to catch the race leader. However, he was unable to overtake.

The battle for the lead intensified as Ticktum seemed desperate to win the last race of the season.

Jehan, however, kept his cool and maintained the pressure. His excellent race craft forced the race leader to start making mistakes, but Jehan found it tough to get past Ticktum.

Eventually with less than 10 laps to go, Jehan made another fantastic move to get past Ticktum and grab the lead.

Thereafter, Jehan drove well to slowly start opening up a gap and finally took the chequered flag to win his maiden FIA Formula 2 race.

His Japanese teammate Yuki Tsunoda was second, over 3.5 seconds behind Jehan, while Ticktum was third.

“Motorsport is pretty big in India. We obviously have a lot of people, so I have a big fan base back home, and my goal at the end of the day is to do myself and my country proud.

“(I have) to prove to people from back home that even though we don’t have the same facilities and stuff that guys have in Europe, as long as you can work hard you can fight right at the sharp end of the grid,” Jehan said.


Zoroastrian Cricket Club (ZCC) – Toronto – New Beginnings

The Zoroastrian Cricket Club in Toronto has decided to start playing league T20 cricket again after an 8 year gap in play. The club started playing 50 over cricket and was formed in 1978 by a group of cricket loving Parsee immigrants that came to Canada from India and Pakistan. It ran successfully for many years in a local league but in 2013 the club folded due to a lack of interest amongst newer Zoroastrians.

However, in recent years the OZCF (Ontario Zoroastrian Community Foundation) field was transformed to include a cricket pitch and it renewed interest amongst the Parsee community! For the past two years the team has played inter friendly matches and have occasionally invited other teams to play as well. Due to the creation of the new agiary, the OZCF ground is not available for the upcoming season. The club has decided to join Mississauga Cricket League, and would like to introduce and include more youngsters to the game in a healthy community atmosphere with proper coaching by ex national team players. So if you have kids that want to learn sports and have fun in an all Parsee community setting or if you want to join yourself please contact Khushroo Wadia at The club appreciates your support and enthusiasm and thanks the many former members who still donate generously to keep up equipment and help pay for the league costs, balls, and umpire fees. What a truly wonderful community we have. Come and be a part of it!


What is that a woman has?
That attracts men like bees?
They are on a par with men
Should be treated with
Respect as well Dignity
It doesn’t matter whether
One is royalty or a pauper
Educated or illiterate
Why they should be persecuted
Crime? To be born a woman
Happens to be their fate
Women are & have been pioneers
In each & every field
They have led the way
Shoulder to shoulder
They stand with men
As they are here to stay!
I ain’t a feminist nor a racist
I speak what I see & believe
They have been mistreated
Throughout history
Would like to speak up

I am a Woman


Farida Bam

UN Week for Religious Harmony ZOOM, Feb 1-3, 2021

You are invited to join this ZOOM Conference — to launch Brian Brown’s “Seven Testaments of World Religion and the Zoroastrian Older Testament” trilogy on February 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2021, from 12:00 to 2:00 pm CDT each day.

Rohinton and Roshan Rivetna  will be making a short presentation on “Zoroastrians in China” on the third day —  Wed Feb 3, 12:00 to 2:00 pm CDT.  See the ink below and the attached invitation.

Brian Brown was guest speaker at the 2018 SSZ (Society of Scholars of Zoroastrianism) Conference at the Darbe Mehr in Chicago.  In his writings, he presents a heightened emphasis on the debt owed to Zoroastrianism by all seven world religions. He points out references in the Avestan texts – that he calls the “older testament” –  that were inherited by Jewish prophets from Zoroastrian priests in Babylon and are recognizable in popular culture today as the Zoroastrian legacy to the modern world.

For information contact Rohinton Rivetna at


On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 1:35 PM Brian Arthur Brown <> wrote:

Dear Colleagues and Friends

You are invited to help launch the upcoming UNITED NATIONS WEEK FOR RELIGIOUS HARMONY by Zoom

Please review the attached brochure for details
Time: Feb 1, 2 and 3, 2021 at 1:00 – 3:00 PM daily Eastern Standard Time (US and Canada),

Elsewhere please convert to your own time zone and join at the same time.

To join the Zoom Meeting at the above dates and times, please go to
by clicking on this link.

(Additional information if needed): Meeting ID: 853 8180 8205
Passcode: 144856

(If you plan to participate on a mobile devise from the USA, the One tap mobile accesses that will work for most would be:
+13462487799,,85381808205#,,,,*144856# US (Houston)
+16465588656,,85381808205#,,,,*144856# US (New York)

Looking forward to your participation.

Brian Arthur Brown


First Baptist Church

Niagara Falls, NY

Brian Arthur Brown


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