FACES of the 1400: A ZYNA Project

Hello Everyone

As we prepare to celebrate the Nowruz 1400, the Zoroastrian Youth of North America (ZYNA) a FEZANA Committee; is taking on an endeavor to create an pictorial timestamp and archive of our Zoroastrian diaspora in North America and around the world through a project called the Zoroastrian Faces of 1400. 

Through this project, we’re hoping to collect pictures of Zarathushtis and their families from around the world and combine them into a video and/or living webpage that will serve as a strong memory point for the turn of the century.


Please submit your picture(s) by Wednesday, March 10th, at the link below

Submit Your Photo

If you have any questions, reply to this email, or write us at zyna@fezana.org or reach out to Parshan Khosravi at (949)354-1497.Sincerely,

Parshan Khosravi & Farzin Avari

ZYNA Co-Chairs

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