Every human being has problems to face in life and many of them succumb to life pressures but a few dare to be different and fight back bravely and against all odds. Minoo Jokhi is one such Shining Example.

A shy kid from a broken family; one who was the weakest of the weak in Maths and one who saw so many problems; Minoo faced every challenge that has been thrown to him bravely.

People do tend to avoid their weaknesses. But Minoo Jokhi made his weakest point his BIGGEST ASSET. Minoo was very unhappy that he was a Big Failure in Maths. Being ridiculed by his teachers and all children around him; Minoo started to learn basic TABLES uptil 20. He would add and subtract bus numbers and all vehicles numbers.  This small exercises when done on a regular basis became a Number Crunching Habit with Minoo. Encouraged by his mother Kety; Minoo soon started to love Numbers. His mother fully encouraged him and she brought up Minoo and his younger brother Hoshang up single handedly amidst lots of problems really well. Minoo still has tears recalling those days.

Today the then Math Failure Minoo remembers tables up to one crore, can also multiply huge figures mentally at amazing speeds, can remember over 2000 telephone numbers, can tell you the day of any date from 1st January 1600 to date; also remembers Cube Roots up to hundred crores and does many such mental feats. In many Maths Skills; Minoo can defeat the Calculator. He has been featured in over 100 Newspapers and has come over 15 times on Television. He has also written over 45 Articles on Memory Development Topics in various newspapers.

Minoo Jokhi is the Second Indian after General Sam Maneckshaw to have been conferred the prestigious Honorary Membership of the Rotary Club of Bombay Hills South. He has performed abroad too at the 7th World Zoroastrian Congress, USA in the year 2000 and at the International Medical Congresses held in Sri Lanka in 2002, 2003,2004 2005 ,2007 and 2012. He also went to Sri Lanka in 2014 and performed 6 Mathemagic Shows. He has also performed at the Parliament of World Religions held in Spain, Barcelona in  2004 and represented India as the only youth Speaker at the Quest for Global Healing Conference in Indonesia in 2006. He also performed at the North American Zoroastrian Congress in Toronto in 2007 and won the hearts of Canadian people there.  He has also performed in many parts of India like Bangalore, Dharampur, Chennapatna, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Navsari, Chennai, Kerala, Kolkata and Lonavala.

The Corona pandemic came to destroy the world in the last 12-14 months but Minoo is 100 % CONFIDENT the old pre-corona world will return. He is an extremely positive individual and refuses to get stressed but is ready to face it well. Minoo urges all to take proper precautions regarding Corona but at the same time is not negative but positive that this is a passing phase. To build Good Health and Immunity; Minoo advises all to do Physical exercise for 25-45 minutes minimum as it has a great effect on your cognition; also it keeps the individuals body healthy and improves circulation, which means the brain is able to get fresh oxygen more quickly.


4 Tips Minoo gives to school and college students to study effectively include:

1)  Begin on time: Start your work on time and do not waste time on unnecessary things.


2)  Self-assessment: Study-time should be genuinely effective. See if you really studying or frittering away time.


3) Time-Management: See that proper time is allotted to each subject and to each part of all the subjects. Do the difficult questions first when more fresh.


4)  Regular Breaks: Divide and plan the work and allow time for recreation. Rest relieves fatigue, not boredom, so a difficult task may be even more difficult after a break. Time your breaks properly.

Also Minoo wants people to be good in Observation. According to him; a person with a good power of Observation has alertness and a good presence of mind. E.g. Newton saw the apples falling from the tree and discovered the Law of Gravity.  Also he adds study for 30 minutes with full Concentration rather than 3-4 hours in an absentminded frame of mind. You cannot be productive in work, study or anything else without Concentration.

Minoo is also a very Successful and Dedicated Memory Development Trainer having taught over 6,000 students. His classes are FUN CUM LEARN and he has created various levels of his Memory Enhancement cum Vedic Maths Classes and people right from 4 till 75 years age have learned from him.

Minoo has a great passion for Acting and has acted in the T.V.Show Nagin 3 in 2018. He has also acted in Short Films as well as Dramas. He has also won several Public-Speaking Competitions and is an avid Lawn Tennis Player. He has won the Vazirani National Sports Academy Singles Title 8 times which is the current Male Record there.

The best thing about this Mathemagician is that he is hungry to learn constantly and is amazingly versatile. He is a brilliant public speaker having won 15 first prizes, is a LIC Agent and practices Yoga, etc.   He loves sharing Math Tricks. E.g. what is 75 multiply by 75. First multiply 5 and 5 which is 25 and take the first digit 7 and multiply it by the next number 8 and the answer is 56 and total answer is 5625 . He sees to it that his students understand how the Memory has to be trained and how things learned once can never be forgotten.  He can be contacted on Mobile No 9821407519 and his e-mail is He also has a website:








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    Good INFO. Wish you all the best and every prosperity.
    He needs recognition from the Anjuman which has so far seems to be missing.
    M M Amalsadvala

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