The lofty ancient philosophy embodied in the Now Rooz Table has been reduced to a Cheap philosophy like

I am SERKEH The Vinegar, I am sour but I am a good preservative, I symbolize Preservation. 
I am SUMAC, exotic in my own way, I make your Kebabs have a tangy taste, I symbolize Taste. 
I am SEER Garlic I lower blood pressure; I Pacify, I symbolize Peace  


Yes, you read it correctly it is SEENEE (Tray) هفت سی ن not the alphabet SEEN س which is of recent origin but has been repeated over and over again giving it legitimacy.
If you have paid attention to any traditional Nov Rooz table or even for that matter a table set up by western businesses to solicit Persian customers, you will notice on that table, some coloured eggs, a pomegranate, a live fish in a bowl, a mirror to name just a few obvious ones for argument sake. None of their names starts with the alphabet SEEN. س. There are many other items like them.
So, if these items do not start with the letter “S” why are they there? Are they not supposed to be Seven items starting with “S” س?

The Iranians culture is a very sophisticated ancient culture and the Iranians are known for their high standards and good taste, they like the table of their most important festival to be a Majestic one, not a skinny one with seven little containers with dull brown items like Sanjed, Sumag, and Samanu, which in the end have to be dumped. Rich or poor they like to arrange the most colourful table they can for their guest to partake from it and they keep replenishing them.
Moreover, their ancestors were called Wise Men, more than 2000 years before Galileo they knew the Earth was not the centre of the Universe. So, for sure they had a very meaningful message to pass-on through the Now Ruz table that they spread.
For that matter in Afghanistan, they arrange their table with SEVEN types of fruits or dry fruit, with no consideration for the alphabet “S”. They call it Haft Mewa.
We also read in history that people germinated SEVEN types of grain as a symbol of No-Rooz.

Among the Bas-relief in Persepolis, we see representatives of various nations in groups of seven carrying gifts for the King of Kings.
In ancient times they spread a majestic table by placing Seven Trays (HAFT SEENEE) on the table and in them they placed numerous items some symbolic others decorative, irrespective of how their names are spelt.
What is common in all of these is the number SEVEN so the real symbol of the Now Rooz Table is the number SEVEN and it represents the SEVEN ETERNAL LAWS OF NATURE which has been derived from nature and mentioned in the Gathas by Zarathushtra. Later It had to be camouflaged to survive the Cultural Genocide, and luckily it has. So, let us now revive it.
Truly, the Asha (2) derived
By the Good Mind (1)
Never before known
Among the wise and all creation
With it, make Good Rules (3) and never waning
Increasing Righteousness (4)
Leading us towards Perfection (5)
Zarathushtra – Gatha -Yasna Ha 28.3 (FR)

And those who are righteous are known for
Good deeds and use of the wise mind
In harmony with Wisdom in Creation
Their aim achieved
Their desire assuredly happiness
Their reward, knowledge and
being known as, righteous,
faithful and are praiseworthy (6)
Zarathushtra – Gatha – Yasna HA 28.10 (FR)
These verses were later canonized to guide the path in life and were pursued by all.
1- Good Mind– Use your Good Mind to inquire and learn the
2- Ultimate Truth- the Laws of Nature- the knowledge in Nature -Use them to make
3- Good Rules – Good Laws- Good Products – Which will lead to
4- Lawful Desire – Righteousness – that will pave the way toward
5- Perfection – Mental, Physical and Spiritual – which will lead to
6- Immortality –(a) In Death being remembered for your good work for generations
(b) In Life by losing the fear of Death –resulting in oneness with
7- The Creator of Wisdom – Khod Ah – KHOD = Self AH = to come.
To understand God through Self Realization.
1-Vohu Mana – Bahman 2- Asha Vahista -Ardibehesht 3-Khash Atra Variya-Shahrivar 4- Spanta Armaiti-Espand 5- Hurvatata – Khordad 6-Ameretata -Amordad 7- Ahura Mazda KHOD-AH.
The ancient Nov Rooz Table consisted of SEVEN TRAYS – HAFT SEENEE -to represent the Seven Eternal Laws of Nature, in the trays they put innumerable items, they even put a little broom. The message was in the Seven, not in the items.

One can say that as long as the number seven is represented the purpose is served. YES, BUT NOT when you start giving superficial meaning to each of the seven-item. That is what has happened with the HAFT SEEN, س we have lost the connection with the higher values in life, the SEVEN ETERNAL LAWS derived from nature, and instead started talking about ordinary values of each item like. SERKEH The Vinegar, I am sour but I am a good preservative, I symbolize Preservation. I am SUMAC, exotic in my own way, I make your Kebabs have a tangy taste, I symbolizeTaste. I am SEER Garlic I lower blood pressure, I Pacify; I symbolize Peace. I am SENJED the tasteless berry of the sorb tree. I am the fruit of a tree which provides shade in summer. I symbolize the shelter and security you need when you want to rest. etc.
So now in the free world, let us draw attention to the real representation of the SEVEN, get rid of the camouflaged superficial symbols, go ahead set up a Majestic Table with SEVEN large TRAYS and in them put all the things you love, and promise yourself to use your Good Mind to learn from Nature, produce good Products and perform good deeds and help create a Righteousness society and achieve Perfection in your profession, not to accumulate wealth but to live a happy life, and become Amordad – Immortal, by leaving behind a legacy that your family will be proud of and remember you. Take a few steps further and do something that will make your community, your country, the world, proud of you for it, and remember you for generations. In the process, you will achieve SELF-REALIZATION / KHOD-AH.

Jesus Christ was the recipient of the first three laws from the Wise Men, they are the ones that have to be achieved for the rest to follow. Jesus was tested (Mathew ch 4) he passed with flying colours and he finally said: “I and the Father are one” (John10). Unfortunately, he was stoned for Blasphemy and handed over to the opposing Culture to be crucified. The Culture that believed that God spoke to just one person and appointed that person as a go-between. The Culture that on purpose symbolically destroyed Persepolis, not in a drunken frenzy.
This is the message of the Now Ruz Table form 3759 years ago, spread it.
3759TH Nou Ruz

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  • Thanks for sharing

  • Very powerful essay. Sir, you don’t bring up the Sheen vs. Seen difference. You have introduces Seene in your eI have observed that various Zarathusti Iranians have their own version of seven attributes on the Haft Sheen table.
    In your last paragraph about Jesus Christ being stoned and handed over to the opposing Culture seems to be ambigious. The Greeks destroyed Persepolis but they were not the rulers of Israel during Jesus’ time. Please specify and elaborate what and whome exactly are you referring to there.

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