The Star Spangled Banner and Z – ships

This is how, when and where the Star Spangled Banner was born on a Made-in-India ship.
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Now please see the Loksatta video, below, after you have read this … It talks about the Wadia Shipbuilders of Surat who were invited by the British, to launch ships from Duncan Docks in Bombay, which they did; including the famous HMS Trincomalee which still exists in its pristine condition at Hartlepool, England, as also the same HMS Minden where USA’s national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, was born. 
In addition to that there is the story of INS Vikrant India’s first aircraft carrier and about how the Vikrant memorial was conceived, designed & erected by two Zoroastrians. 
There is a small error in the commentary. 
In the 1971 War, INS Vikant did not participate in any action against Karachi. She was operating in the Bay of Bengal and played an iconic role in the Bangladesh Operations. With her integral Air effort she carried out air attacks on various ships & installations along the erstwhile East Pakistan coast including Chittagong and airfields at Coxs Bazar. INS Vikrant was instrumental in assuring a very effective contra-band control along the coast, preventing any ingress/outgress of the enemy’s war effort. 
Z-Newz member Commodore Medioma Bhada was on board as part of the carrier-borne fighter squadron. The attacks on Karachi harbour and installations were carried out by the missile boats of the Navy based in Bombay in the 1971 war.
We should also be proud of the fact that one of these Missile Boats in action at the Karachi harbour was commanded by our very own Zarthosthi, Late Commander Bahadur Kavina, an awardee of the presiteous Vir Chakra.
Do watch it please. Even if you do not know or speak no Marathi bhasha, you’ll catch the drift.
Three Cheers and a big ‘thank you’ for CMDE Medioma Bhada.
dara acidwalla

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