Adar Mahino Adar Roj

Adar Yazad is called “the Fire of Ahura Mazda” and “the son of Ahura Mazda” (Y.25.7:71.10) – “Atarsh Puthra Ahurahe Mazdao”.
Today is the Salgreh of Shreeji Pak Iranshah, as well as the Salgrehs of several Agiaries such as Banaji Limji Agiary at Fort Mumbai; Seth Maneckji Sett Agiary at Bazargate Street Fort; J.J. Mistry Adaran at Surat; P.A. Patel Daremehr at S.V. Road, Andheri, D.E. Mithaiwala Agiary at Grant Road Mumbai and several others…
Eternal glory be unto our Holy Fires! Blessings unto all humanity.May Adar Yazad smite the druj of the pandemic and restore health and happiness again.

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