Behram Yazad Jashan

A Behram Yazad Jashan will be performed at the ZAC Atashkadeh/Agiyary to receive a divine intervention on  Behram roj, Sunday 2nd May at  7:30 PM IST.

This Behram Yazad Jashan is performed to achieve Victory over the virus in India and to bring about Health,  Strength, Wealth, Longevity, and Happiness amongst our community members and all human beings. Please participate in this Jashan, Humbandagi, and a brief talk to bring the powerful vibrations of our prayers into your homes by clicking on the following Zoom link

Topic: Behram Yazad Jashan to Achieve Victory over the virus in India & to Bring about Good Times

Time: Sunday, May 2, 2021, 07:30 PM IST

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Meeting ID: 876 7853 7350

Passcode: prayers

One comment

  • It’s certainly a good gesture to perform a Jashan for any occasion, let alone during these troubled times. In any event, kudos to those who inspired the making of this event. The only question that Zarathushtis like myself have is how on earth can you call the place of worship that you have in CA, an Agiyari?

    I imagine, you probably are still left with a few old mobeds in CA, who uphold the significance and values of our religious tenets and respect the rituals that have been brought over through generations. These mobeds would tell you what does it take to build an AGIYARI, or for that matter ATASHKADEH ( a Persian term). Having a structure however nicely its built or how much it emulates certain aspects of our traditional Agiyari, doesn’t truly make it an AGIYARI.

    The chief Dastur of Iranshah when he had been to Toronto a few years ago had totally denounced this idea to his credit of calling a place of worship an Agiyari, when some reformist mobeds brought up this question to him at the time. Unless the same Dastur has now shifted his position on the matter, that would be quite different and too disappointing – trust he hasn’t!

    In any event, best of luck in your endeavour.

    Ervad Jal Dastur

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