Spreading love through food

The curious thing about the Mishing-Parsi is the name itself. It is an easy conversation starter. The Mishing-Parsi at the moment is a Blog website to initiate conversations around food diversity with an active Instagram profile by the same name The Mishing Parsi.

Our aim is to initiate the same curiosity the Mishing-Parsi garnered for diverse food stories, recipes, ingredients cuisines so that any food enthusiast could benefit. With our own diversity as Mishing and Parsi as our strength, and our common love for food, it was a perfect recipe to spread love of diversity.

The Mishing Parsi began when a Mishing girl met a Parsi boy over food! After several food experiences and taking our taste on a jolly ride, we realized how vibrant were our food memories. It struck us that we still have a lot more food memories to make. We knew then, what we had to do! We had to do better and share our idea with the world and what better way than The Mishing-Parsi!

We co-created this space in an attempt to connect the world through the love of food. We appreciate diverse food habits, culture, fusion, traditional and also share our recipes.

Lina is the Mishing in the Mishing Parsi, a full-time research scholar and loves to cook in her free time. Wherever she travelled, food was her constant interest, always finding new ways to incorporate ingredients in her recipe.


Hanoz, meanwhile is the Parsi bawa, is an entrepreneur who loves to eat. Although he doesn’t get much free time to cook but when he does, he loves to cook as much as he loves to eat.

Together, it is always a riot of conversations, food and recipes exchanged. We quickly realized that there was a need to bring together like-minded food aficionados.

Currently we are looking forward to spreading a word about our love for food through our initiative The Mishing Parsi. You can check out the webpage at https://themishingparsi.com/

or our Instagram Page https://www.instagram.com/themishingparsi/



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