DOBARA CHAT and CHAI with Perin B.Dittia

DOBARA is excited to share a special episode of DOBARA Chat and Chai with you. This episode features our fantastic DOBARA Super Senior and Queen of Tasty Tuesdays- Perin B.Dittia. “Perin ki kahani – apni zubani”. Grab a hot chai and sit back to listen to our walk down memory lane with Perin B.Dittia. Her collection of lifetime stories is fascinating! Perin Dittia’s journey started as a young bride from South Africa and landed in India. She has contributed innumerable recipes to the Zorastrian stree recipe book (ZSM), is a cofounder of Wednesday’s club, an active member of YWCA, played an active role in setting up the Parent-Teacher Association of Hyderabad Public School (HPS), helped educating the underprivileged, did a lot of fundraising for many good causes. Her motto in life is “Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds is inspiring”

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