• Rohinton Tarapore

    Happy New Year, Dastur ji. Thanks for the explanation of Kem na Mazda.

  • This is brilliant. In 7 minutes he has explained the meaning and recited this short prayer. Wonderful!

  • Dilnavaz Gamadia

    Thank you very much Vada Dasturji saheb.It is so good to hear these powerful manthras in an equally powerful voice and clear diction from our religious head.The explanation was clear and simple.
    Please let us have these short discourses more often.
    Congratulations Yezdi for bringing this to us.

  • Thank you Dastuji for your presentation. I also keep in mind the translation given by the late Erjvad Kavasji Edulji Kanga in my daily recitiation of prayers. I also focus in our own evil thoughts besides the wicked people outside us, which we are reminded to guard against during our prayers.

  • Fantastic explanation, please give us the same insight for other prayers as well, thank you Dastoorji

  • Please may we have similar explanations and recitations of other Prayers too?

  • Very nice message and the meaning of the prayers. Thank you ji 🙏

  • Appreciate your efforts Dasturji Saheb

  • Mahzarine Jehangir Jogani

    Beautifully described and recited !

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