Burjor Patel – Noted Theater Personality no more

Mumbai Local with Shernaz Patel & Burjor Patel : Like Father Like Daughter
This talk by Shernaz Patel and Burjor Patel is a part of our Mumbai Local series. The Mumbai Local addas with artists and scientists are held regularly at our partner venues across Mumbai The sessions are free and open to all. To know more, please visit http://www.junoontheatre.org We look forward to seeing you at Mumbai Local. If you can’t make it for understandable reasons like you’re not in Mumbai – enjoy the videos!
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  • My wife and I enjoyed seeing the plays in which both Burjor & Ruby acted. We have a lot of pleasant memories of their plays under the directorship of Mr Adi Marzban and Indian National Theater under Director Phiroze Antia!

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