• So it must be printed in the Punjabi language. Is it available with any of you.

  • Amazing. Who is the author and why was it written

  • Non Zoroastrians are more eager to learn about our Religion than the Zoroastrians! Pardon me for being negative

  • Is there an English translation of this book available for those of us who cannot read Gurmukhi?

  • Cherag Bodhanwala

    This book is actually punjabi translation of ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ by Friedrich Nietzsche

  • Need to know the contact details of the publisher. can anyone help me please? thanks in anticipation of response. Best regards.

  • Without prejudice and with respectful acknowledgement to the Punjabi author who translated from Nietzsche’s “thus Sprach Zatathushtra”
    A cautionary note to all the dear readers and their great interest in this book.. After getting this clip translated from a Punjabi friend of mine this is what the translation comes out to mean.

    1. That our Dear prophet Asho Zarathushtra was a “Maha Manav,” a great “man” whose writings inspired one rich young suicidal Punjabi girl to change her mind after the author gave her his translation from Nietzsche’s “Thus Sprach Zarathushtra.” Notice it does not say “Prophet”

    2.Fredrich Nietzsche was a polemic philosopher basically against Christianity and an apostate against the church. Scholars also consider him to be an atheist.His book “Thus Sprach Zarathustra” is based on philosophical fiction with central protagonsit as Zarathushtra. Nietzsche’s account is completely variegated and incompatible without the slightest resemblance Zarathushtra’s divine message.

    3.Shockingly, readers should be aware that Zarathushtra’s first mention appears in Nietzsche’s fabricated fiction (the gravest apocrypha) “the Gay Science.”

    4.Freud and Jung (psyhco-analysts) strongly mention that Nietzsche was afflicted with aids from his frequent visits to gay homosexual brothels, a disease which apparently caused his death.

    4. Nietzsche’s fictional Zarathushtra was portrayed as an overman or a superman(“overman”), totally denying any superior Divine Authority (God) and claiming the character to be strongly self-willed with superhuman achievements. This was later horribly misinterpreted to be the “Superior Aryan Race” by Fascists with unspeakable destruction and genocide of Jews who were destroyed with mass extermination as an “inferior race”

    5. “Arya” or Aryan is actually as Sanskrit word meaning a person with noble deeds. It is observed that the region ARYAVARTA got is name form the AVESTA scriptures from Iran. Some ARYVARTANS later migrated to the Indo-Gangetic region in North West India. According to “Manusmriti” (an ancient text of human society), it is the term used to define the region between the Himalayas and Vindhya Mountain Ranges. ARYA has 29 meanings in Hinduism, Sanskrit, Buddhism, Pali, the History of ancient India,the Puranas and Itihasa (epic History). In Jyoti Shastra (astrology) it refers to as “worthy men.” Thus, our ancient emperors who were “Aryan,” established themselves as people encompassing the qualities of righteousness with noble deeds.

    6. It was only in 19th century that the term “Aryan” was shared by Proto Iranian-_Indian- European Demographic, according to a false Western 19th century thesis. It was found to have a false racialist meaning to describe persons with “Nordic” ideal of a fair. blonde, blue -eyed people , an ideal that was readily adopted by Nazi Germany.

    7. In my humble opinion the rendering of “Thus Sprach Zarathushtra”” so ubiquitously played as an inspirational theme in all the seminars and Congresses should be discontinued, and instead Mozart’s Overture “Die Zauberflaute,” which is actually inspired by Zarathustra’s message of the ultimate win by Good over Evil (Professor James Russell, ex Harvard, Columbia) should be played henceforth.

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