Amazing Grace of Ahura Mazda

I am pleased to share with you an initiative of Dr. Jamshed A Modi (Grandson of the scholar priest Dr. Sir. Jivanji Modi) who I have known and even worked with some forty odd years ago.
Jamshedji (copied on this email) who resides in India and Mani Rao (residing in the USA), are working on a project to publicize within the community a devotional song which they are calling “Dadar Hormazd”. The song is set to the tune of “Amazing Grace” – a hymn / devotional song with which some of you may be already familiar.
Jamshedji has written the lyrics, and Mani (who has a fine voice, and has previously recorded a number of Parsee monajats) has recorded the song.
PFA a WORD file for the lyrics, and the mp3 audio file for the song.
The object is to make these files available to the global Zoroastrian community (free) for downloading.
Any ideas, suggestions and assistance that the three of you could extend would be greatly appreciated.
Noshir Dadrawalla


  • Very meaningful & well sung🤗🤗👋👋

  • With the greatest respect and reverence for all those involved in this worthy initiative, we would urge a note of caution and pause. This is a beautiful,worldwide, beloved hymn, known to everyone,Christian or not.

    Please make sure you have all the permissions/permits to use someone else’s intellectual property, in order to promote your own agenda, however worthy and commendable.

    It is especially important in this era of social media, where one negative review could go viral in an instant, undoing decades of diplomatic efforts by the worldwide Zarathushtie community.

    Perhaps some talented person in the community could come up with their own, original musical score to set the lyrics to?

    Thank you

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