Our search-and-destroy missions in ’65 war: Group Captain Chinoy (Retd)

In the early part of the 1965 war with Pakistan, Dara Phiroze Chinoy, a young Flying Officer with the Indian Air Force found himself suddenly trapped on enemy land. “An anti-aircraft shell had exploded into my engine and the engine flamed out. The aircraft was on fire and there was smoke and flames in the cockpit. I couldn’t see anything,” Chinoy, now 70, told NDTV in his house in Bengaluru.

Aug 31, 2015


  • Hi Capn Chinoy. Are you related to Navaz and Siloo Chinoy of Madras. Asking because I grew up with them in 1950.60s

  • Can I contact Capn Chinoy??? I grew up with Chinoys in Madras in 1950 60s. I am in :Avadoli@yahoo.com” Thanks.

  • Peston Glenn Subawalla

    Captain Chinoy, great to hear of your exploits, you are a wonderful inspiration for the younger generation.Thank you so much for displaying so much courage and commitment for your country.

  • Salute…


    Hello Capt. Chinoy. Did you attend K. C. College in Bombay in the early 60’s? I do not remember the first name, but I had a friend with the last name of Chinoy who joined the IAF just before the war broke out with China in 1963.

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