Doing Good in Uncertain Times

Here is the link to the youtube video of the Asia Society program on the Doing Good Index and philanthropy.
For all those who missed attending this event live at the Nehru Centre in Mumbai last week, here is your opportunity to watch it at your convenience on YouTube.
Gain insight on where India stands on the Doing Good Index (challenges & opportunities) followed by an enthralling conversation between CEO of Godrej & Boyce Ltd Jamshyd Godrej; Founder and Managing Trustee of Swades Foundation Zarina Screwvala; and Managing Director of Bain Capital India Amit Chandra which was moderated by CEO of the Hong Kong-based Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society (CAPS) Dr. Ruth Shapiro.
The wisdom and experiences shared by the distinguished members of the panel is insightful and inspiring.
Don’t miss it ….
Noshir Dadrawala

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  • Thank you for sharing. Having visited Vapi which was the most polluted place at the time on a Waste Water Treatment Project with two experts from USA. We found the Root cause for the solution but were unable to implement sustainable change, due our errors , of seeking financial gain, lack of communication with the right change makers, I learnt a lot. However we did return with the next generation of experts twice to hold Waste Water Treatment Conventions in Hyderabad and this year we were invited to Bangkok , Thailand for a similar meet, that we led attended by the Education Minister and the Prime Minister of Thailand. The Zoroastrian Community was very kind to provide housing and contacts during our visit. I am glad to read that India has decided to allocate funds for Waste Water Treatment Plants as India today has only 30% of what it needs in practice. Industrialists are also a major issue when they discharge waste without proper treatment or civic responsibilty.Wish you all the best. Yes, USA does give most of its charitable contributions to Churches and Universities but the US Government has more wrap around social service network than India.

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