Hamas-path-maedem Gahambar (Panj-e-meh)



Hamas-path-maedem Gahambar (Panj-e-meh)


Dinner & WZCC-Chicago Chapter Program


All are invited to the Hamas-path-maedem Gahambar, jointly sponsored by ZAMC and WZCC-Chicago, on Saturday, March 18, 2023, at 5:00 pm at our Dar-e-Mehr.

The seasonal calendar (also called the Fasal or Fasli calendar) has its New Year beginning on the moment of the Spring Equinox which will occur on March 20 this year. Five days prior, the Fraverdegan days which are also the five days of the Gatha and the five days of the sixth and the last Gahambar, the Hamas-path-maedem gahambar are celebrated as Panj-e-meh.


The Gahambar is about the following:

  1. YAZAD – To Pray
  2. SAZAAD – To perform duties
  3. KHURAD – To partake of a meal
  4. DAHAD – To donate (Voluntary contributions for the Gahambar, please make your check out to WZCC-Chicago Chapter. If you would like to contribute to budding Zarathushti entrepreneurs, please make check out to ZEDF.

The Gahambar program will begin at 5:00 pm, with prayers and Humbandagi invoking the blessings of the Farohars, followed by the below WZCC-Chicago program at 6:30pm


Presentation by Sam Billimoria on

Cyrus’ Cylinder and Zoroastrian Legacy in Human Rights and Commerce


Sam Billimoria is an accomplished speaker who will join us via ZOOM at the Dar-e-Mehr.                                                (See attached Agenda and his Bio)


                    Those who are interested in joining via ZOOM may join
starting at 6:30pm CT at the below Link:


                      Meeting ID: 814 3483 5290   Pass Code : 374889


Our Z-kitchen entrepreneurs will be offering their specialties.  We will discuss ZKitchen  further expansion through which our community can be served on an ongoing basis.

All are invited and encouraged to come and celebrate the ancient tradition of Gahambar and the WZCC program with us. No fees are planned (though any voluntary contribution is appreciated).

Please RSVP, no later than March 8, to Mani Rao (wzcc.chicago@gmail.com)


Agenda & Speaker Bio



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