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When we started the blog in 2007, we had no idea that we would reach 5 million hits with a community as small as ours.

Today we are overwhelmed !

We started by creating a resource base for young Zoroastrians who always complained that they do not have enough material on Religion, Culture and Social Practices. We found many resources all over the Internet which were scholarly and useful. Unfortunately, they were spread all over. Thus the idea of was born, to get as many resources as possible for the community, ALL UNDER ONE ROOF !

Over a period of time, the idea grew………… young and old, Zoroastrians and non-Zoroastrians, from all over the world, have been accessing the site for a reliable gateway to valuable Z-resources available online. We have had visitors from all over the world. India and USA top the list but surprisingly we have visitors from over 200 countries, including one from Vatican City!  A PhD student from Belgium used the site for his research on how Zoroastrians apply their religion for business and a Japanese professor of Inter-Cultural Studies, from Tenri University used it as a launching pad for studies of Zoroastrian Corporations, and landed up submitting a paper on the success of Tata Consultancy Services as a Z-Corporation.

Our main focus was to do positive stuff which was non-controversial. We included food, education, matrimony, religion, rituals, navjotes and weddings, interesting galleries, news, and some fun-stuff too ! We probably have the most comprehensive collection of scholarships (both from the community and from others) in one place. Nostalgic Gujarati Songs, Monajats and some fun songs add to the fun. Parsi Recipes and tele-classes on religion are worth dying for!

For all this and more, we have to thank you, the loyal viewer! Your viewership and comments are valued and cherished.

The exciting journey continues with full support from the community and others. Bouquets and brickbats are always encouraged and welcomed – it means that we are read and relevant! Let us hear from you what YOU want next.

Looking forward, we are exploring new areas of delivery, especially through the smartphone mobile route on a multiplicity of channels and platforms. We pledge ourselves to further this labour of love, and persevere to leave behind a legacy for future generations to admire and cherish!

Yazdi Tantra


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Together, we reach out to more than 15,000 viewers per day through multiple channels !


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