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Tower of Silence

Attached are some articles from the Times of London from 1905 — conversation between the George Birdwood, a British official who was well-known amongst the Bombay Parsis (and a good friend of Dadabhai Naoroji), and the Parsi scholar and writer R.P. Karkaria.  The term seems to either have had its origin with an Irish who worked in the Bombay government or, possibly, a “Mrs. Postans” who wrote a travelogue about her times in western India in 1838 (an interesting read — in the book she talks about a very bright young boy in school, the same Dadabhai Naoroji!).

Jivanji Modi (The Religious Ceremonies and Customs of the Parsees) suggests that the phrase “Towers of Silence” derives in part from the use of the word “khamosh” (silent) in association with the dead (p. 67, footnote).

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1905-08-08 – Birdwood, George – The Phrase Towers of Silence

1905-09-30 – Karkaria, R.P. – The Phrase Towers of Silence

1905-10-17 – Birdwood, George – The Phrase Towers of Silence

Assistance to students

If you have come across any bright students coming from poor financial background who have finished their 10th standard and scored more than 80%, please ask them to contact the NGO-Prerana (supported by Infosys foundation). The NGO is conducting a written test and those who clear the test will be eligible for financial help   for their further studies. Please ask the students to contact the people mentioned below to get the form:

44th cross, 1st A main road, jayanagar 7th block,
Contact numbers-
1. Saraswati – 9900906338
2. Mr. Shivkumar – 9986630301
3. Ms. Bindu- 9964534667

Even if you don’t know anyone, please pass on this info, someone might be in need of this help

Mujeeba Tarannum 🙂

Vardhaman Vaidya
Knowledge Manager
Centre for Good Governance
Dr. MCR HRD IAP Campus
Road No. 25 Jubilee Hills
Hyderabad – 500033
Andhra Pradesh (India)
Mobile: +91 0 9246584791
Landline: +91 40 23541907 / 09
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Thana Parsi Zoroastrian Anjuman

TPZA was founded more that 50 years ago by Late Mr. Bomanshaw Taraporewalla and other respectable PARSIS of those times.
The sole objective of our TRUST has always been to engage in social and cultural events that can bind and bring the community together
It has been one of the pioneer trusts in THANE PARSI community to be the backbone of the PARSI cause which is PHILANTROPHY
While the trust engages in community events in THANE; it has also been very active in preserving the sanctity of this community by safe guarding our AGIARY and THANE properties which rightfully belong to the community.

Click Here for more details…….

Refresher Program on Prayers


The M.F. Cama Athornan Institute is hosting refresher courses for Ostas, Ervads and Behdin Pasbaans between May 9 to 22. The courses seek to provide training and practice of ‘bhanter’ (different prayers) and various ceremonies. Imparting information by way of questions and answers on inter­esting topics and matters raised by young and old participants, there will be hand-on training. Guest Speakers will enlighten participants on various aspects of the religion through lec­tures, film and audio visual shows .

Registration is open to Athornan and Behdin participants from Mumbai, as well as from across India and abroad.

The programme is free and open to persons of all ages and will include boarding, lodging and supply of books, study materials, etc.

Contact: Er. Hormazdiyar Gowadia – 9969014126; Er. Mahiar Panthaki ­9821049251; Er. Jamshed Bhesadia (Panthaky) 9820326083; Er. Dinyar Vajifdar 26422435; Office of the Ex­Students’ Association, CIa. 12 Karani House, Dr. C.H. St., Dhabi Talao, Mumbai 400 002: 22000831. The last date for receiving entries is May 4.

Course on Avestan Yashts and Persian Shahnameh

The M. J. Wadia Fire Temple Trust, Lalbaug proudly presents …

A Composite Course for 2010-2011

“The Avestan Yashts and the Persian Shahnameh- * 10 sessions of approximately 90 minutes (one session every month)

* Each session will have a talk by a select faculty, followed by discussions

* The course will have a second part the following year. * Topics: Yashts – Select Yashts like Hormazd, Ardibahesht, Haptan, Sarosh and Avan Yashts will be cxplained in detail with special reference to their practical applications.

Shahnameh will bc covered in bricf – Important episodes – will be individually presented, with emphasis on moral lessons from thc episodes.

* Date of Commencement: 4th April 2010, 11;00 a.m.

* Fees: Rs. 750 for the entire course.

* Venue M.J. Wadia Agiyari Hall, Lalbaug.

* Certificates will be given to all participants who complete the course

* Course Director: Er. Dr. Ramiyar P. Karanjia.

* For Registrations, contact Roxane on 98193 79345

Poona Parsee Panchayat Trustees

All the Seven Candidates mentioned hereinbelow are Declared Elected unopposed for the post of Trustees of the POONA PARSEE PANCHAYAT for the period of 3 years. commencing from 01·04·2010.

  5. MR. MEHTA. RUMY. P.




Premises available for Doctors

Bombay Parsi Punchayet invites Applications from Young Parsi/lrani Practising Medical Doctors, preferably a General Practioner for the allotment of one cubicle, at R. N. Gamadia Polyclinic, Tardeo, Mumbai­ 400007 on Leave and Licence basis.

The area ofthe cubicle is 209 sq. ft.

Normally, the Bombay Parsi Punchayet accepts a reasonable deposit towards the allotment of the Cubicle.

Please send your academic / professional profile to Mr. M.P. Colah, Chief. Executive Officer, Bombay Parsi Punchayet, 3rd Floor, 209, Dr. D.N. Road, Mumbai-400001, within 15 days from the date ofthis notice.

The Zarathushti Stimulus Plan

The Zarathushti Stimulus Plan:
Help find jobs for 170 unemployed Zoroastrians!

The Zarathusthi Stimulus Plan ( has 170 registered Zoroastrians who are un/under-employed and seeking a job.  Please take a few minutes of your time to do your part in assisting fellow Zoroastrians find a job and support their families during these historically difficult economic times.  Registrants are from all over the world, and several are in your local community.

  • Post a job opening.
    Is your company hiring? Know of a new job opening?  Post the job information at

  • Reach out to those registered for the program.
    Take a few minutes to review the profiles of fellow Zoroastrians seeking job assistance at  If you have a network in an industry/geography and can be off assistance to a specific individual, please don’t hesitate to reach out to them.   You can also register to be an official Mentor at the website.

If you are unemployed and would like to register for the Zoroastrian Stimulus Plan, visit

If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to email the Zoroastrian Stimulus Plan team at

Parsis of Thane

We the Parsis of Thane city today celebrated the 229th year of our Parsi Agiary in Thane city situated @ Tembi Naka (thane w)
Our chief guests include Mr Jantraee (honorable commissioner of TMC); Police Commissioner Shri Anil Dhere and our wada Dastoorji Shri Kotwal ji.

We demanded to the govt officials to give us back our encroached cottage adjacent to the temple which is lying in shiv Sena’s hands since ages. Late Shri Anand Dihge ji had given his blessing and concent in writing to give back our temple land and cottage; but after his death there is no one taking action on the same

We have taken a signature campaign of Parsis in Thane city and we are going to meet our dear CM and as well as Uddhav Thackrey ji to give us help to get back what belongs to our religion and community.
If nothing works the people of Thane Parsi cmmunity will take to the streets, organize a hunger strike; do whatever it takes to get us back what belongs to the religion and thane parsi community

We wish and seek your help to put this news on your website and spread the same to the Parsi community around Thane and Mumbai

Firdosh Kotwal |Tel: 9324670507|
AIM: kfirdosh
Office Secretary: Mumbai Pradesh Youth Congress

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