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United Nations: An Invitation to Participate

United Nations:  An Invitation to Participate

Zarathushtis worldwide interested in participating in activities at the United Nations, internationally, regionally, or locally are requested to contact Co-Chairs of FEZANA’s UN-NGO committee:

….. with a copy of their curriculum vitae and a letter of intent stating how they see themselves promoting the mission and vision of the United Nations in civil society.   Upcoming events include:

  • the 54th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (see online opportunities below)
  • the Annual DPI/NGO conference which will be held in Melbourne, Australia 30th  August  to 1st  September 2010 on Global Health.

UNESCO: Online discussion on Gender equality, Education and Training – 10 January to 7 February 2010 As part of the debates and events commemorating the 15th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action, the United Nations’ Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality (IANWGE) is organizing a series of online discussions dedicated to specific critical areas of action related to gender equality. These discussions will contribute to the 15-year review of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action at the 54th session of the Commission on the Status of Women from 1-12 March, 2010. The online discussions are designed to catalyze debate, to analyze progress and to provide an important interactive forum where perspectives, successful initiatives and information can be shared. UNESCO will be hosting the online discussion focusing on the theme of Gender equality, Education and Training from 10 January to 7 February. During these four weeks, discussions will be organized around a framework of thematic questions in order to stimulate debate between participants. (…)

UN offers online courses to boost cancer treatment

UN offers online courses to boost cancer treatment in developing nations

IAEA says making radiotherapy accessible is a key component in any comprehensive cancer control programme
5 January 2010 – To bridge the gap in developing countries where there is a shortage of cancer specialists, the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has helped spearhead a web-based course on radiation oncology.

Radiotherapy plays a positive role in treating nearly half of all cancer patients, as cancer rates continue to climb in poorer nations. The course contains 80 training modules classified into eight different topics, and the materials are expected to complement the training that radiation oncologists receive through their formal education in their respective countries. This initiative is part of an IAEA programme involving 17 Member States in the Asia-Pacific region, and the material for the course – entitled “Applied Sciences of Oncology Distance Learning” – was developed by an Australian organization.

IRAN – Tracing Footprints Through Time

They say Books are the carriers of civilization.  Without books, history is silent, literature dump, science crippled and thought at a standstill.  Indeed, in books lie the soul and the articulate audible voice of the pas.  “Iran – Tracing Footprints Through Time” is an amazingly crisp, abundantly informative and awe inspiring travelogue penned by Natasha Viraf Deboo.  For the 19 years old author, it has bee a labour of love but for the reader, it is a work of art, both, in terms of content and aesthetic value.

For Zoroastrians, Iran is a spiritual motherland.  The author has captured within less than 90 pages the essence of her experience in this wonderful country during the year 2006.  she writes with the verve and breezy style of a teenager but tempered with profound depth, accuracy and maturity especially when dealing with facts of history and culture.

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Zoroastrian Community of New Zealand

Zoroastrians living in New Zealand now number nearly 900, which is over 200 families. The major migration has taken effect post year 2001. Zoroastrians living in Auckland meet and have functions on a regular basis at community centres or school halls. Mainly for the children’s prayer classes and other Religious and Social functions. Unfortunately, because of restrictions and bookings by other groups, these meetings and functions have to be held at various locations. Religious ceremonies have to be restricted and community activities have to be limited to comply with the venue regulations. It is proposed that a community centre be established in Auckland. This will provide the Zoroastrian community in Auckland to have a permanent venue for their functions and get-togethers and provide a place for communal worship. Click Here to access the ZCT brochure.

Click Here to access the ZCT NewZealand Website

Mrs Avabai B Wadia Research Fellowships 2010-2011


136, Bombay Samachar Marg, Opp Lion Gate, Fort, Mumbai 400 023 Telephone 22843893, E-mail

Applications are invited for the Mrs Avabai B Wadia Research Fellowships for the year 2010­2011. Research Fellowships will be offered to researchers in the area of Oriental Studies in the fields of philosophy/religions/culture/history. Applicants must be graduates from a recognised University. The Research Fellowships will be offered to researchers for a maximum period of two years, subject to their making satisfactory progress and sending six-monthly progress reports.

Research Fellows will be paid a monthly stipend of RS.1 0,000/- during the duration of the project plus an annual amount of RS.5000/- for contingencies. The scholar/s should be a resident of India while conducting the research.

Applications will have to be made in the Application Form available at the Institute. Completed Application Forms should be sent to the K R Cama Oriental Institute marked “Mrs Avabai B Wadia Research Fellowships” before Jan 21, 2010

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