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Poona Parsee Panchayat Trustees

All the Seven Candidates mentioned hereinbelow are Declared Elected unopposed for the post of Trustees of the POONA PARSEE PANCHAYAT for the period of 3 years. commencing from 01·04·2010.

  5. MR. MEHTA. RUMY. P.




Premises available for Doctors

Bombay Parsi Punchayet invites Applications from Young Parsi/lrani Practising Medical Doctors, preferably a General Practioner for the allotment of one cubicle, at R. N. Gamadia Polyclinic, Tardeo, Mumbai­ 400007 on Leave and Licence basis.

The area ofthe cubicle is 209 sq. ft.

Normally, the Bombay Parsi Punchayet accepts a reasonable deposit towards the allotment of the Cubicle.

Please send your academic / professional profile to Mr. M.P. Colah, Chief. Executive Officer, Bombay Parsi Punchayet, 3rd Floor, 209, Dr. D.N. Road, Mumbai-400001, within 15 days from the date ofthis notice.

The Zarathushti Stimulus Plan

The Zarathushti Stimulus Plan:
Help find jobs for 170 unemployed Zoroastrians!

The Zarathusthi Stimulus Plan ( has 170 registered Zoroastrians who are un/under-employed and seeking a job.  Please take a few minutes of your time to do your part in assisting fellow Zoroastrians find a job and support their families during these historically difficult economic times.  Registrants are from all over the world, and several are in your local community.

  • Post a job opening.
    Is your company hiring? Know of a new job opening?  Post the job information at

  • Reach out to those registered for the program.
    Take a few minutes to review the profiles of fellow Zoroastrians seeking job assistance at  If you have a network in an industry/geography and can be off assistance to a specific individual, please don’t hesitate to reach out to them.   You can also register to be an official Mentor at the website.

If you are unemployed and would like to register for the Zoroastrian Stimulus Plan, visit

If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to email the Zoroastrian Stimulus Plan team at

Parsis of Thane

We the Parsis of Thane city today celebrated the 229th year of our Parsi Agiary in Thane city situated @ Tembi Naka (thane w)
Our chief guests include Mr Jantraee (honorable commissioner of TMC); Police Commissioner Shri Anil Dhere and our wada Dastoorji Shri Kotwal ji.

We demanded to the govt officials to give us back our encroached cottage adjacent to the temple which is lying in shiv Sena’s hands since ages. Late Shri Anand Dihge ji had given his blessing and concent in writing to give back our temple land and cottage; but after his death there is no one taking action on the same

We have taken a signature campaign of Parsis in Thane city and we are going to meet our dear CM and as well as Uddhav Thackrey ji to give us help to get back what belongs to our religion and community.
If nothing works the people of Thane Parsi cmmunity will take to the streets, organize a hunger strike; do whatever it takes to get us back what belongs to the religion and thane parsi community

We wish and seek your help to put this news on your website and spread the same to the Parsi community around Thane and Mumbai

Firdosh Kotwal |Tel: 9324670507|
AIM: kfirdosh
Office Secretary: Mumbai Pradesh Youth Congress

Nowruz being celebrated in Baku

Here are some YouTube clips of  Nowruz  being celebrated in Baku , Azerbaijan on the  Caspian Sea, that once was a Zoroastrian region.

The videos were  shot at the  time  The Director General, UNESCO, Mr Matsuura visited. It is said  Mr Matsuura had a lot to do with Nowruz being recognized by UN as holiday on the UN calendar.

Courtesy : Rusi Sorabji

Nowruz Bayram  in Azerbaijan

Nowruz in Azerbaijan

Nowruz in Baku  Azerbaijan  Pt 2

Nowruz in Baku,Azerbaijan  Pt 3       Chanting about  Bayram (Behram)

Nowruz in Baku, Azerbaijan  Pt 4       Watch for dancing  at the end

Nowruz in Baku, Azerbaijan   Pt 5     Haft Seen tables,  Bhun-wa-ni Topees

Kavkaz Rap…… a look at Baku city ,  Azerbaijan

Novruz Dances 2009 Baku Palace

Six Flags Friends Scholarships

Six Flags Friends Scholarships (Deadline: April 30) has teamed up with Six Flags Friends to award college scholarships to young leaders who are taking action to make their community a better place. Scholarships will be awarded based on past, current and planned action in the community as well as the applicant’s passion, commitment and proven leadership skills. Six winners will receive a $1,500 college scholarships.

Mehernosh Mody

Mehernosh Mody was born in India; a Parsee from Bombay with deep-rooted culinary inspirations from the sub-continent and French occupied India. After 10 years of training and experience he is currently Executive Chef at London’s prestigious La Porte des Indes. Dining at his restaurant is pure theatre; he is a master in blending spices and flavours to a high degree of sophistication that he has achieved his own unique style of cooking.

Click Here to Read More……

Courtesy : Zenobia Hadvaid

SynergyZ now Online !

As part of our continuing efforts to use technology for the benefit of our members, we have now launched the E-edition of SynergyZ – our popular WZCC News Magazine. The latest issue is now available online at For those of you who missed the issue (or even misplaced it), you can browse through it online any time, for your reading pleasure.

In due course, the archives will also be made available on our website. Keep watching this space.

Happy Reading and HAPPY NAVROZE !

Jame celebrates 178 years

It is to be noted that the Parsees of India have been pioneers in establishing modern schools in India.  Parsees were among the first who, in 1819, converted the traditional education system (old fashioned schoolhouse) into new educational methods.  Parsees had well understood that they should make use of historic opportunities and arm their new generation with the weapon of knowledge and science.  Therefore, along with the establishment of modern schools, they started printing publications and several cultural centers in cities with Zoroastrian communities.  Among them Mobed Fereidoonji Marzban was a pioneer.  He was one of the first in the Parsee community to attempt news reporting and was the founder of the first Parsee paper, in 1812.  But yet, 20 years were to pass before Jam-e Jamshid, the most renowned Parsee publication was printed.

Jam-e Jamshid newspaper, the most renowned publication of Indian Parsees, celebrated, this year, its 178th birthday.

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