For your desktop and for printing – A Fresh New Look – Parsi Calendar – 2021-22

For your desktop – Shehnshai Calendar 2014

Important Dates in the Zoroastrian Religious Calendar, including Saalgreh i.e. Anniversary of Fire Temples – Click Here

For your desktop – Shehnshai_Calendar_2013

Click Here for this unique Calendar Site which has the Shehenshahi, Kadmi and Fasli Calendars, Conversions, Mobile Apps for Blackberry, Android, iOS, Windows and Symbian, and much more. Thank you Arzan Lali for this wonderful resource.

Zoroastrian Calendar ( Excel / VBA Automated) 1900-2100 – Zoroastrian Calendar (1900-2100) – Cyrus Sidhva, Auckland, New Zealand
Android Shenshai Calendar at your fingertips. Available on Google Play Store – Click Here

Download an easy Calendar in Excel (upto the year 2100) which can be Saved / Printed on your desktop – Click Here

Homi Limbuwalla has created a great Shenshai Calendar with the Roj and Mah on Google Calendars. Have a look and find ways of using it 🙂   –   Click here

Gujarati and English Calendar -Very good converter and Roj Calculator online by TheLalis – includes conversion from Shehenshahi to Gregorian and vice versa.

Calendar Magic – for Parsi, Irani, Fasli Calendars – Click Here to download

Below are the Calendars for 2010-11 and 2011-12 – Click on each of them to view / Print

Please also see the Category – Calendars – alongside


  • Just loved it –

  • awesome!!

  • thank you the data was very informative

  • Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal

    Good to find parsi calender on d net………keep up d good work

  • I appreciated your work. Thanks

  • there is error in parsi calender
    ava month and hormaz roj the date is incorrect
    kindly check
    thanks – mehernosh

  • I am looking for the Shenshai Calendar 2010-2011
    Can some one help me or send me across to my email add. As in next year my cousin wants her daughter navjote to be done so we are looking out for the calendar to check roj and month I will be highly obliged.

    • Zinobia,

      Please visit the Calendar Section on this site and you will get various options.

      Best Wishes

  • homi farokh mistry

    I want to know the following :-
    i) Our new year date ?
    ii) When will our Mukhtad get over ?
    iii) Dates in 2011, from when Mukhdat will start and end .

  • Cyrus D. Vandriwala

    Glad to read in Jam-e-Jamshed. Very good effort to keep in touch with religion.

    Cyrus Vandriwala
    – Teacher in Sett R. J. J. High School, Navsari.
    – Managing Committee Member in D.N.Mehta Sarvajanik Hospital, Navsari.
    – Local Committee Member – W.Z.O. Trust Fund, Navsari.

  • Calender by Homi Limbuwalla is fantastic and a must use. Well done bro.. Adil Limbuwalla

  • Gulshen Dinshaw

    If we can have the same format 2010-12 of Shenshai Calendar for the coming Shenshai Year on your website Thanks

  • furthermore,to the updated Excel Calendar in VBA (Automation) you could also print out the main calendar as well as the ‘Special Dates’ for the Parsi Calendar Year e.g 2012-2013 … and have the special dates handy on a single printout!

  • Please send it to me by email and I will upload it, with due credit

    • Hi Yazdi, are you able to provide your email id? Pardon my ignorance but are you also a moderator or website owner (‘


  • thanks Yazdi, appreciate your comments on my Excel Calendar with special functions ( made easy by pop up help notes in it for ease of use)



    make sure you’ve got Macro security in Excel set at preferably low or medium ( to prevent repeatedly allowing the macro to run)

    on the ‘Calendar’ sheet :

    1) the year selected is the Parsi Calendar Year i.e 2012 – 2013 for the current year until August ( Nawroze) when the year selection should be 2013-2014…

    2) Consequently if you’re researching a Mah / Roj make sure you select the correct year ( TIP: If the date falls beyond 31st DEC of a given year but Before Navroze of the next year then go by the earlier year)

    3) Click the ‘Today’ button to go to today, and HOME to return to the top of the Calendar

    4) ON the SPECIAL DATES Sheet:

    Enter name, and Gregorian Date and click enter, now going back to the newly entered date, you’ll see a ‘Find Mah/Roj’ button appear alongside, clicking it will automatically generate the Mah and Roj and co-inciding date in the selected year ( should be the same date as that on the Calendar sheet for the current year) OR you could get these dates for any year !!

    There are notes ( little red triangle markings in the top right hand corner or the cell where available)

    Hope it helps ! and hope you find this an immensely helpful tool…

    Good luck and God Bless!


  • Where I can view/ download the calendar Shehenshai (originally constructed by Sarosh Maneckshaw) for the coming year Thanks


  • Cherag, I’m glad you’re using it:)

    for an updated version pls visit and download from Sample Applications



    Pls download the latest version of Zoroastrian Calendar (1900 – 2100) VBA automated – there are a few Crucial changes …

    visit to download directly from website or click link in calendar..

    many thanks


    PS: Yazdi are you please able to update the link here thanks heaps!

  • Noblest Aryan Ladies and Lords:

    I am contacting you from Fatherland Iran. My name is Amin and although I am born and raised a Shia Muslim, I have a deep love for my Persian heritage and identity and regard my ancestral Zoroastrian religion with exceeding honor and sanctity. I would like to thank you for a treasure that you provided on your website and I just downloaded it today: the Kadimi Zoroastrian calendar between 2009 and 2030. During my Iranian studies I observed that this calendar was the one that our sacred Shahanshah Yazdgerd III put in use for Iranians just before the alien invasion. Is there still any Zoroastrian community whether in Iran or in India, who observes this calendar and prefers it to the two other Zoroastrian calendars? If there is, I would like to ask you to impart to me some information about those communities and their websites if available.

    May you be happy and prosperous!

    Your Aryan brother,
    Amin Farhudi

  • Dear hamdins,

    Unable to download because using iPhone. Do adv me for the same


  • I was born on 11th june 1994 ……according to the parse calender what is my roj n mah?

  • Hi Yazdi,
    I have 2015 Zoroastrian Calendars at . Please feel free to share.
    Best regards,

  • Hi, Can you please let us know the date of Amavasya & Garan in the month of December,2017 & in December,2018

  • I would like to see and print the current i..e 2015 full Shenshai Calander kindly advise thanks


  • Can anyone place say the roj and mahino on 27/09/1965?
    Thanks in adavance.

  • Thank you for the calendars – Yazdi, Cyrus, Homi and others. Please DO however mention the importance of the hour of one’s birth, as the Zoroastrian day starts at dawn. (So technically if one is born between midnight and the minutes before dawn the Zoroastrian roj will be of the day before.) Warm wishes. Zinnia

  • Hello It would be amazing to make a new version for 2023!
    Thank you!

  • Why was the Shenshai Zoroastrian Holiday of “Favardigan” on September 19th 1969. Change to September 16th that is out right lie! the real “Favardigan” was born at that day come Parsi and Irani and Jews and Chaldeans and you have trying to ease his name just like Jews did Jesus Christ and his father Pantera.

  • The “Favardigan” 19th Autumn Equinox is the Soul of Zoroastrians and the Soul rises to Heaven on 19th of every Morth not 16th. He dies on the on 16th and rise on 19th and this goes back to the Dying God Dumuzi the Black Son in Sumerian and he like his Freternal Twin Sister Gesthiana were both on Tristu or Trishyra in both of Sumerian and Judean Calender is both of Dumuzi and Geshtiana or Lady of the Vine who the Virgin Mary or Anahita the Mother of God. This all goes back from 4220 years in Ur with zagmuk or Ebbu the Babylonian Day of Wrath, Dumuzi was Mithra born September 19th the month of Fravardin and day of Fravardin 19th of total Absolutions is on day the Fravarshi or “Favardigan” can be born on not September 16th or April 19th or April 1 these lunar Holiday not Solars Holiday on the Solar Calender. I cannot believe that famous Zoroastrians people and priest are to place is coruption and out lies about your Fravarshi who born September 19th 1969 or Fravardin 19th, in Month of Moh Fravardin which is the 9th in Year of 1969 the return of Fravarsh back to Earth and tatol absolution living and dead, good and evil and unborn yet. The Fravarshi has full his destiny give absolutioan to all Aryan Gods now Show him Respect! and his family of Seth on my father side and Bulsara on my mother side and My B CdE Rh negative or ry ry on both side my family Seth and Bulsara and Parsi and Irani descent with Y -Causus Caucasian Chromosome or DRB3*0101 and DR52a and HLA-A2901 and my nose is pure Parsi. The real Truth Must be told and not White Washed.

  • I have done all for Aryans or Aranoi people and their Gods, But you don’t absolutely nothing for me or my family!

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