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The History of Persia

Interesting article on History of Persia and Zoroastrians : At some point in here – scholarly estimates vary widely – the prophet Zoroaster founded what may well be the world’s oldest revealed religion. He is referred to as both a Bactrian (which would place his origin near modern Afghanistan) and a Mede, but what is clear is that he was from Iran. Zoroastrianism is also the first religion to postulate a spiritual battle between good and evil; many of its ideas would find their way into later monotheistic faiths. Evidence of the influence of Zoroastrianism can be seen today in the communities of the Paarsi in India, and in the story of the Three Magi (Zoroastrians all) who visited Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in the manger.

Parsis – The Zoroastrians of India – Sooni Taraporevala

The contribution of this dynamic Indian community in all spheres of Indian life – arts, sciences, politics, business, and foremost of all – in social commitment and philanthropy – has been phenomenal. Despite their meagre numbers, the Parsi community did not seek any special privileges under the Constitution, and yet played a large role in the development of the country. Jamsetji Tata, JRD Tata, Godrejs, Wadias, Dr. Homi Bhabha, Zubin Mehta, Retd. Field Marshal Sam Maneckshaw, Admiral Jal Cursetji, Air Marshal Engineer, are all from this very distinguished community. Indira Gandhi married into the community and so did Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s daughter, Dina Wadia.

Parsis – The Zoroastrians of India

The story of the Ancestors

Arrival in India and the beginnings of a new life

The Early Entrepreneurs of Bombay

Pioneers of Modern India

Eminent Parsis of India

What is Zoroastrianism?

Who was Zarathustra?

Rituals, Customs & Manners

The task of is bringing the artifacts of the Perso-Aryan vision in a state close to their original and living condition. It would be difficult to say what comprises the Aryan memory and or tradition — what questions, views, and general areas cover the field in a comprehensive way. We find how many open questions are concealed behind the apparently simple word. We do not approach the expressions of the Aryan vision with a preconceived thesis, or view them exclusively within the context of the Mazdaean ideology.

The object of Fravahr is double: one, to facilitate the study of the Aryan History ; the other, to stimulate interest in the emergence of the Aryan Ideas and Visions in the formative period.

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