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The Microscopic Parsis

The Microscopic Parsis
By Zal Nowsherwanji

Believe it or not but it’s a hard fact that a majority people of our vast country, leave aside do not know about the Parsi Community, but they even have not heard the name of the Parsi Community.

The Parsis are the tiniest ethnic race in the world. The percentage of their total population is utterly negligible in comparison with the huge population of India. However, the Parsis are well-known for their mighty contributions in maintaining cordial relationship with all sister communities of India and enriching the cultural heritage of our vast country. Also, their contributions in the all-round developments are significant and ever-lasting….. More

WZCC announces Entrepreneurship Development Program




An Opportunity to

Enhance your Entrepreneurial Talent

Interact with Successful Businessmen

Expand your Business Network

Reach your Full Potential

After the grand success of the Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) in June 2006, the World Zarathushti Chamber Of Commerce – India (WZCC– I), is organizing a similar training program – Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP).

If you are a Budding Entrepreneur and wish

  • To take your Business to new Heights
  • Expand and Diversify your Business
  • Identify new Opportunities
  • Establish linkages with Development and Support Institutions
  • Get trained at a Recognized Institute


About the Program :

This is a residential training program scheduled during 28th April to 3rd May 2008, and will be conducted by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI), at its campus at Ahmedabad. EDI is a recognized Training Institute promoted by leading Financial Institutions. The training will be through lectures, case studies, business games, group exercises, interactions with successful entrepreneurs and industrial visits. The program will also help the trainees establish network and linkages with banks and financial institutions.

Fee : Rs. 12,500/- per participant. This includes cost of training, lodging and boarding for six days, course material and industry visits. It excludes travel expenses to and from Ahmedabad.

Contact Us: Prof. Faredoon Kapadia 98700 0011 or

Mrs. Dolly Dhamodiwala 93221 20007

email us

More information awaits you at our website

Get in touch ….. It’s always the first step to success!

Receiving Blood – an SMS away

Now, donating and receiving blood is just an SMS away. Need blood urgently? Just send an SMS and a willing donor will land at your doorstep.

Thanks to a newly-activated service run by Nagpur-based Khushroo Poacha, who also runs e-social service website, getting a unit of blood is just an SMS away. “It doesn’t matter where you are, a donor will come to the hospital nearest to you to offer his blood. And there is no money involved,” said Poacha, who launched the SMS service on Sunday.

Recently, when Rajesh Jasani was asked to arrange five bottles of O- blood in preparation for his father’s bypass surgery, Poacha’s helpline (5676775) came to the rescue.

“I was really worried when the hospital authorities told me O- is a rare group, which is often out of stock. I sent an SMS, and received the donor’s contact info within a minute,” said Jasani, who managed to contact five donors in just a day.

It all started eight years ago, when Nagpur-based Khushroo Poacha set up Poacha says he found his “true calling” after seeing harried relatives of patients running around trying to arrange for blood.

The website now has contact information of over 45,000 blood donors from across the country.

But Poacha was still not happy with the results. At an IIM meet where he was invited to give a talk on social entrepreneurship, students raised two simple issues that set Poacha thinking. “One, the Internet is not accessible to everyone. Two, sustainability without funding,” said Poacha, who then came up with the idea of the SMS helpline.

Parsi Irani Surnames

Normally Surnames do not have any meanings. Our ancestors had no Surnames, they were known by their Father’s / Family name. e.g. Rustom bin Zal. (Rustom of Zal), later on they took on names of places/ family names as additional to their names. It was only when they came to India that they adopted their trade/service/vocation/family/or some traits -(Waghmaru, Batki etc.). A very interesting collection by Burjor Minocher Daboo of Ahmedabad.

Click here for the full list and some interesting, some amusing  meanings.

Miss Perrin Fitter’s affinity with the neem plant.

Global  500 laureate

In 1992, she was feted by the United Nations Environment Programme at the Earth Summit in Brazil, when she was named a Global 500 laureate. The award recognises individuals and organisations for outstanding achievement in protection and improvement of the environment.

Last month, she was a keynote speaker at the World Neem Conference in Coimbatore, India.

The 59-year-old woman, who was born and brought up in Eldoret to a paralegal father, is passionate about the plant that has multiple uses.

Tavdi Village – Gujarat

The Tavdi is a beautiful village inhabited on the shores of the River Purna in South Gujarat State, India. It is only seven miles from the city of Navsari.

The population of Tavdi is approximately four to five thousand, and almost two to three thousand of Tavadia’s living abroad in countries like the UK, New Zealand, Canada, USA, and South Africa.

All these brothers and sisters of Tavdi are united, kind, generous, friendly and “VERY PROUD TO BE TAVADIAS”

Iran’s Abyaneh, a living history museum

Unique architecture and lifestyle have turned Iran’s historical village of Abyaneh into a living museum which attracts the eye of all beauty lovers.

abyanehEven today, in the 21st century the village seems untouched by time and its inhabitants still dress in traditional attire.  

Abyaneh is currently pending UNESCO’s approval to be registered as a World Heritage site. 

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