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Freer and Sackler Galleries in Washington, D.C. Celebrate Persian New Year March 7


Freer and Sackler Galleries in Washington, D.C. Celebrate Persian New Year March 7

Gold coins and goldfish, fire jumping, dancing clowns, the banging of bowls and spoons and many other joyful sights and sounds will fill the Smithsonian’s Freer and Sackler galleries during an early celebration of “Nowruz! A Persian New Year Celebration,” Saturday, March 7, from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The celebration of “Nowruz,” or “new day,” dates back to 3,000 B.C.E., and marks the first day of spring or the vernal equinox—March 20. It is rooted in Zoroastrianism, the religion of pre-Islamic Iran, and the celebration is also observed by communities in Afghanistan, Bahrain, parts of Lebanon and Syria, Kurdish communities in Iraq and Turkey and many countries in Central Asia.

“We are delighted to host this festival of spring marking the Iranian New Year and hope to make this a signature event for our visitors every year ,” said Claire Orologas, head of Education and Public Programs at the Freer and Sackler galleries.
“Wild Fire Eve and Stories from the”‘Book of Kings'” in the Sackler Gallery

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CTR 2008 – Video of Proceedings

Enjoy the entire series of Videos which capture the Round Table Conference – December 2008 proceedings.


Benediction Yasna Ha 42 by Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary, Tehran with explanation of the meaning of anjumana“.

Prayers by Erv Peshotan Unwalla, Houston, with singing of Monajat.

Self Introductions by all attendees.



Paper by Erv Ramiyar Karnajia, Dadar ,Mumbai Part III on Hamazori (in absentia) read by

Bomi Damkevala of Metropolitan Chicago

“Zarathushtis: A Community Without Borders”- Rohinton Rivetna, Convenor of the CTR

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IVth Coming Together Roundtable




by Roshan Rivetna

What is The Coming Together Roundtable?

With migrations from the Indian subcontinent and Iran, mostly in the last half century, Zarathushtis are now a “Community Without Borders” spread all over the globe. Never before has there been a greater need to keep these pockets of Zarathushtis connected with each other and with the mother countries.  The Coming Together Roundtable (CTR) provides such a forum — to bring together Zarathushtis from around the world for information sharing, dialogue and action on matters of global import.  The format of the Roundtable is open and free flowing. There is no protocol, no hierarchy, and no authority.  It is a forum for any persons, especially those in leadership positions, to come together and work together for the growth and welfare of our Community. The basis for the CTR is firmly embedded in the concept of “Hamazor” – it is said that “Dialogue brings minds together and action brings hearts together.”


The CTR is a legacy of the Eighth World Zoroastrian Congress.  Becoming aware of the need for our Community to Come Together the organizers of that Congress, in London in 2005, enabled holding of the first CTR.   Since then, two succeeding ones have been held, in Mumbai in January 2007 and January 2008, at the Athornan Madressa in Dadar.


Click here to read the Article on the The IVth Roundtable ..  ctr_houston-31dec09_article 



CTR Tablehead – FEZANA President Bomi Patel, Firdosh Mehta, Rohinton Rivetna and Behram Pastakia


CTR Participants Left:  Parviz Varjavand, MP Dr. Esfandiar Ekhtiyari, Fariborz Rahnamoon, Khodayar Attaie, Natalie and Rusi Gandhi.  Back Jamshid Dindar and Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary.


CTR- Alayar Dabestani, Dr. Ekhtiyari, Rohinton Rivetna


CRT – Pheroze Kharas, Kersi Limathwalla, Percy Master


Fourth Coming Together Roundtable at the  Dar-e-Mehr and Cultural Center
in Houston  –  31st December 2008 – CTR – Group at ZHCC

Left to Right: Front row: Firdosh Mehta (Dallas); Minoo Shroff (India);  Jamshid Dindar (Iran); Rohinton Rivetna (Chicago); Natalie Vania (New York). Back Row: Rustom Engineer(Houston); Behram Pastakia (Washington DC); Dr. Esfandiar Ekhtiyari (Iran); Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary (Iran); Khodayar Attaie (Iran); Rusi Gandhi (New York).


Left to Right: CTR- Behram Pastakia, Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary (Iran); Khodayar Attaie (Iran); Jamshid Dindar (Iran)



Coming Together Roundtable – Houston – December, 2008

Dear Friends:

There are good tidings from Mumbai; The very respected and venerable old guard of BPP has stepped down to give way to new leadership, the choice of  the community.  We look forward to their participation and support of our future.

“Coming Together Roundtables”.

This is the first year of our operation with our Administrator, Percis  Dubash of Mumbai, under the direction of Yazdi Tantra.  Percis and Yazdi have issued a progress report in August 2008, which we hope you have had a chance to review. For those that are unfamiliar with the “Coming Together  Roundtable” — the first Roundtable was held at the World Congress in London in 2005. Two succeeding Roundtables were held  both in Mumbai in  January 2007 and then in January 2008. These Roundtables bring together Zarathushtis from all over the world to dialogue and to action on issues of  global import, so that our worldwide community keeps connected. It is said  that “Dialogue brings minds together and action brings hearts together.”

These “Coming Together Roundtables”  also act as a meeting place and conduit bringing members of our community with projects with needs for social welfare and community enhancement, with those that have resources to fulfill these needs.

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Coming Together Roundtable – Annual Report 2008



Dear Friends and Members of the “Coming Together Roundtable”,

In our endeavor to keep the sprit of “Coming Together Roundtable” we have been working towards meeting with the goals set out in the last Roundtable held in Mumbai at the Mancherji Joshi Hall at the Dadar Athornan Madressa on January 15, 2008.

This report also consolidates the 6 monthly report sent earlier.

A quick review of the developments during the year 2008:

(1) Global networking – Yazdi Tantra.

(a) is constantly being updated which lists Zoroastrians            worldwide,  with the aim to connect all Zoroastrians with one another.     “” now has  more than 69,000 registrations and the list is  growing daily Any inputs towards the betterment and updation of the directory will be welcomed. Please add yourself and your family members to the directory. Glance at the listings of fellow Zoroastrians throughout the world.

(b)        Make available to Zarathushtis worldwide and/or source liturgical items, religious           artifacts, religious books, prayer books and other related items. A website blog has been setup and running. This blog is the largest aggregation  of Zarathushti / Zoroastrian –     Parsi / Irani websites / information available online. Several books and references shared by Dr. Homi Dhalla, Khojeste Mistree and  others, have been put up on the website, with more to come. Some interesting details about those NGOs who do not have their own websites have also been incorporated.   This site works with the aim of bringing ALL Zoroastrians across the world under one roof.

The proceedings of the Coming Together Round Table and the aim / purpose / workings of the Round Table can be found on the under the category “Round Table”

2 new Categories have been added to

Ø POLLS – Opinion Poll – One has been devised for Collective Giving – you are welcome to comment on the questions, and if you need any more questions. You are welcome to send suggestions for adding more Polls. The direct link is

Ø Collective Giving – Here we can collect requests for and offers for Donations. This becomes the Bulletin Board which can grow over a period of time.  The direct link is

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Inclusion of Norouz – New Day on UN Calendars


How would you like to see our Navroze  ( 21st March )  to be recognized by UN  and be included in their calendar world-wide ?

Will you do your part in getting the recognition?

Please click the link below for details


 Rusi Sorabji

PS: Kindly do not forget to pass this along to your  all  your Zarathusthi and

 non-Z friends also. More petitions the better

11th Annual Asian American Celebration

Hello All
I would like to invite you all to the 11th Annual Asian American Celebration. This free event will be held on May 3, 11 am to 9 pm, at the Richmond Convention Center.
I have attached the flyer for this event. Please help us distribute it to your neighbors, friends, co-workers and family. aasocv_poster2008
Btw, both Cyrus & Eric will be performing that evening at 6 pm. See you all there.
Rumy  Mohta

P.S. The same Event is also planned for 2nd May 2009.

The Fifth Iranian-American Persian Day Parade, Showcased with Persian Pride in New York City

The Fifth Iranian-American Persian Day Parade, Showcased with Persian Pride in New York City
Davood N. Rahni reporting (photos by Dr. Ali Afshar)

The spring vernal equinox, Norooz, the Persian (Iranian) New Year, celebrated for several millennia in the ancestral motherland, Iran, was once again showcased with an extravagant parade in New York City by Iranian-Americans

 http://www.payvand. com/news/ 08/apr/1007. html

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