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Thana Parsee Zoroastrian Anjuman


All Zoroastrians of Thana,

We have a phenomenal piece of news to share with you once again.

As you must be aware, we had filed a case (writ petition / PIL) against the Government of Maharashtra in the Honourable High Court of Bombay to save the Byramji Jeejeebhoy school land way back in 1998.

As any legal battle goes, it was a long, arduous conflict that went on for a little over a decade. Today, on April 16, 2008, Wednesday, this protracted battle came to an end when the Honourable High Court Bench, comprising of his Lordships Justice Billan Nazki and Justice Bhangale, endorsed the validity of our case and gave a ruling in our favour directing the State Government to construct a school and make it up and running within a five year duration. The bench took this view after having heard the arguments on both sides.

It’s a matter of great personal satisfaction for all of us who have been involved in this case for so long. No praise is too high for our Senior Counsel Ms Kiran Bhagalia who fought on our behalf without charging us a single penny throughout the case’s duration. This letter aims to share / put across our sense of satisfaction and our happiness within the much wider forum of our proud community, a whole lot of us who are deeply concerned on a day-to-day basis at the disappearance of our community’s assets.

Yours sincerely,

Pervez Bhesania

Vice President

Thana Parsee Zoroastrian Anjuman

Forwarded by Mehernosh Fitter.

Parsi Zarthoshti News from India’s Movie Industry

Three Parsi Zarthoshtis are in the news from India’s movie industry –
Script writer, Farrukh Dhondy, actress, Perizaad Zorabian (who is married to
a Zarthushti businessman and has a baby), and 18-year old actress (of TV
show Baa, Bahu aur Baby), Benaf Dadachanji. Following are excerpts from news reports in the India Journal, April 11, 2008:

* “Scriptwriter Farrukh Dhondy feels that he would never be able to come up
with a true Bollywood script because movies made here are very ‘unreal’…..
He says the thriller for Parvez Damania’s One More Thought Entertainment
will reflect his writing skills and to some extent the audiences’ demand
too, “The script will showcase my writing skills and, while writing, I will
try to keep the public demand in mind. The plot has to be intriguing enough
because we are aiming to cast big stars for the movie.”……. Currently
Dhondy is scripting the Mahabharata for STAR Plus and says it is the modern version of the epic and he is trying to explain the reason behind every
action. Apart from this he also has three films to script, which include
Deepa Mehta’s Carpet Boy and a French co-production to be shot in India
titled Coffin Maker under the banner of Dhondy’s company, Lucid Pictures.
“Carpet Boy is about slave labour in Pakistan, but nothing is finalized

* “Perizaad Zorabian, the new style guru of the small screen, talks shop,
movies and more.” Q. “Where did you disappear?” A.”…I went underground,
for almost a year….. And now suddenly, after all these months, you
resurface with a television show… Yeah, Limited Edition on NDTV Good
Times………. And films? I have three films coming up – N. Chandra’s
Breaking News, Kabhi Up Kabhi Down with Sanjay Suri and Highway 203…..”

* “After Mano ya na Mano, Siddharth Kak is back with not one but two shows both of which will air on NDTV Imagine. Both Indiadhanush and Rang de India are anchor-based shows…. Indiadhanush aims to discover unknown cultures and traditions from across the country……As for Rang de India, Kak says it is too early to share the details. But a source tells us that Benaf
Dadachanji of Baa, Bahu aur Baby will co-anchor the show with Kak. It will
be a youthful take of culture and tradition.”

Maneck Bhujwala

Extentia-Extencore write up

Dear All,

Pune chapter has had the good luck of getting two entrepreneurs form a new
company, which is now started its activity.

In the attached press relelease you can see Umeed Kothawala at the Mike with Farzin Irani (red Shirt) who are the two-some.

For further information, please visit

Adi Engineer
WZCC. Pune – Chapter

5th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations

5th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations

UN Headquarters,
New York, NY
11-14 August, 2008

Youth Assembly update April, 2008

Greetings from the Youth Assembly!

We would like to share some news about this popular event and invite you to be one of the youth leaders from around the world who are “Taking Plans into Action”.

Fortunately there is still time to register, but hurry, space is very limited!

The Assembly itself:
It is gratifying to note the many endorsers and donors who have joined in support of youth leaders who wish to participate in the Assembly, which is, thanks to their support, FREE after registration. To check out a partial list, see the right side column!

For a listing and bio information for confirmed speakers, check back regularly to our website!
And most important: do not forget to register, as acceptance is by application, only: YA homepage

Leadership Seminar:
Delegates are encouraged to take part in the optional Leadership Seminar which precedes the assembly: August 6-10, 2008.

In the course of the four-day retreat, participants work with professionals who conduct NGO activities of interest and may even create a working action plan for meeting an existing challenge in their home communities or elsewhere around the world. For more information about the Leadership Seminar, visit:Leadership Seminar.
Leadership Seminar participants are invited to join the blog on our website in order to get to know each other in advance and share their experience, ideas and plans with others!

Meet New York:

New to New York or a local resident who wants more time with the international delegates: The organizers offer affordable accommodation packages for all Assembly delegates, upon request. This is a great opportunity to stay with the others, network 24/7, and discover this vibrant city together! Check out the Assembly’s official, Manhattan Accommodation Packages Travel Packages

UCPeace Festival:
Show the world how you use the arts to promote peace and mutual understanding. Youth performance groups (minimum 15 members) are invited to perform in the United Nations to large audiences during the YA. For more information visit: UCPeace Festival

Youth Achievement Award:
We invite YOU, a community leader, guidance couselor, or school principal, to nominate a specially deserving 16-18 year old student for the Youth Achievement Award. All young people who have contributed to humanitarian goals in 2007 are eligible. Awardees are invited to participate in a special ceremony at the United Nations with Olympic Medalists and celebrities. For more information, click on:Youth Achievement Award


Lead Mission:

The Permanent Mission to the United Nations of Hungary

Also Endorsed By
The Permanent Mission to the United Nations of:
Czech Republic
United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Some confirmed speakers

Dr. Arun Gandhi, Grandson of Mahatma Gandhi

Dr. Vandana Shiva, Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology

Dr. Bernard Amadei, Engineers Without Borders

Andy Cunningham, WISER

Angela Mason,
World Vision

Ambassador Ahmad Kamal,
President – Ambassadors Club at the United Nations

Scott Sullivan, Founder of Corps of Compassion

Contact Information
Please check the webiste for more information at

If you have any questions, please write to

Fezana Scholarships

FEZANA Scholarships
– Academic
– Performing & Creative Arts
– Religious Studies
– Excellence in Sports
– Recipients

FEZANA has established a Religious Education Scholarship fund in memory of late Moobed Faridon Zardoshty. We are grateful for the munificence of the Zardoshty sisters, Farangis, Homayoun, Iran and late Pari and ther families for their generous donation to FEZANA in memory of their beloved father to set up this scholarship fund.

The Moobed Faridoon Zardoshty Scholarship(s) is to be awarded to selected Zarathushti individual(s) for higher studies and research in Zarathushti religion at a recognized institution of higher learning anywhere in the world.

These scholarships are awarded for a period of five years. An amount has been budgeted for each academic year and may be divided amongst one or more selected individuals. The Religion Education Committee of FEZANA will manage the eligibility of selection of awards. Awardees will be required to allow FEZANA and/or Zarathushti community to receive the tangible benefit from their study and /or research.
All interested Zarathushti individuals can request an application for scholarship from Lovji Cama Ph.D Chair, FEZANA Education, Scholarship and Conference Committee 58 Leroy St, Tenafly, NJ 07670. e.mail: 201-569-7359

Applications are invited for the

All scholarships are open to Zarathushti applicants who have obtained admission for attendance at institutions of higher learning (accredited degree-granting colleges or universities) in USA or Canada. SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarships for the academic year 2008-2009 will be awarded in September 2008.

ELIGIBILITY: Applicants must complete the application form and provide documentation for:
(1) proof of USA or Canada citizenship. (For non citizens a minimum of one year or two semesters residency in USA or Canada academic institution is required)
(2)past academic records and accomplishments (attach documentation of the past four years only)
(3)program of study
(4)annual financial need including assistance already pledged by other funds, charitable institutions or the institution of choice;
(5)other financial assistance available from family and friends
(6)community service including contributions to Zarathushti functions and organizations
(7)three reference letters
AWARD CRITERIA: Applicants will be rated on Scholastic Achievement (40%), Financial Need (40%), Extracurricular Activities (10%) and Community Service (10%).
The Mehraban and Morvorid Kheradi Endowment Scholarship of $5000 and the 20th anniversary FEZANA Scholarship of $3000 will be awarded to post graduate students for scholastic excellence

The Banoobai and Maneckshaw Kapadia Endowment Scholarship of $1000 will be awarded for
undergraduate studies to a student with good academic standing who demonstrates financial need.
APPLICATION Application forms are available from the FEZANA website at or from Dr Dolly Dastoor (
Completed application forms should be post-marked August 1, 2008 to DOLLY DASTOOR Ph.D, Chair, FEZANA Academic Scholarship Program, 3765, Malo, Brossard, Quebec Canada J4Y 1B4

FEZANA created an Excellence In Sports Scholarship (EXISS) Fund in 2006 The objectives of the Scholarship is to provide financial support to young Zarathushtis (between the ages of 10-30) who are performing exceptionally and at highly recognized levels in all areas of sports activity. The purpose of the scholarship is to enable the recipients to get world-class training or study with experts in their field and thus fine tune and enhance their talent and capabilities. If you feel you would qualify for this scholarship, or need more information, e.mail us at To apply you will have to complete a formal
application which we will send you by e.mail once you have contacted us as to your intent to apply. Also check The deadline for all applicants is March 31, 2008. For any further questions or information contact Khushchehr Italia, Co-Chair,

The FEZANA Performing and Creative Arts Scholarship (P&CAS) provides financial support
to Zarathushtis who are performing artists in music, drama, etc. or practice other creative art forms like literature, poetry, fine arts, sculpture, painting, etc. The scholarship is to enable the recipients to study with experts in their field and fine tune and enhance their talent and capabilities, IT IS NOT FOR BASIC EDUCATION IN THE ABOVE FIELDS.

(1) profess and practice the Zarathushti faith

(2) be high school graduates

(3) be legal residents or citizens of USA or Canada. Foreign students holding legal status in USA or Canada may also apply provided they have been in North America for at least one year.

Applicants will be eligible to receive a maximum of two awards, which may or may not be in consecutive years.
SELECTION CRITERIA : Applicants will be judged on their academic preparation, and past record in their program of study, their commitment to pursue the chosen art form, their annual financial need, the assistance pledged by other sources, extra curricular activities and services performed for the Zarathushti community.
APPLICATION PROCEDURE : Application forms available on
Submit five copies of the form with all attachments (including portfolio items) by March 31 2008 to SHERAZADE F. MEHTA, 5400 Preston Oaks Rd, #3048 Dallas TX 75354 (U.S.A.) Tel: (972) 385-4847 e-mail:

“To promote leadership among young Zoroastrians in the academic, social, and political spheres”
Ahura Scholarship invites young Zarathushtis to apply for leadership scholarship for academic year of 2008-
2009. Five scholarships were awarded last year, this year we are looking forward to receiving your applications.
Ahura scholarship is a one time grant for the amount of $3000 which may be used for undergraduate or graduate program for year of 2008-2009. Ahura Fellows receive $3,000; Ahura Strivers receive $1,000. Applicants must be talented Zarathushtis who have been accepted or are currently enrolled in an accredited institution of higher learning. Candidates of diverse nationalities are welcome to apply. Payment of the scholarship is dependent on receipt of a tuition statement and confirmed enrollment for the fall semester of 2008. All completed applications must be postmarked by July 15, 2008. For a copy of the application, please see
For specific questions please contact Koorosh Vakhshoori at

THE CONGRESS 2000 LEGACY AWARD by Zoroastrian Association of Houston
Each year, the award will recognize young Zarathushti students studying at the University level and who have
achieved excellence in their scholastic studies, in extracurricular activities and who have made substantial
contribution to Zarathushti community affairs. The award, eligibility and judging criteria available at

A list of miscellaneous scholarships is given below:

Fali Chothia Charitable Trust scholarships for students in NA universities., tel: 301-564-3726,

 ZAC (Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Chicago) loans/scholarships for study in USA & Canada. ZACscholarships,

 ZSBC (Zoroastrian Society of British Columbia) awards scholarships to its members seeking admission to a university. Homi Italia, (604) 438-2076,

 Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships support graduate education for immigrants and children of immigrants.

 Houtan Scholarship Foundation offers a scholarship of $2,500 per semester for studies in Iranian language and culture. Visit

 Indo American Community Foundation offers scholarships of $3,000 per year to Indian Americans. Visit

 Individual Advanced Research Opportunities (IARO) scholarships, for research in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (Tajikistan). Also visit roberts for study grants in Iran.

 Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund offers fellowships to scholars from any country and in any discipline, whose life, security or work is threatened in their home regions. Visit Email:

 Harvard’s Pluralism Project offers research grants.; For summer internships, visit
 National Science Foundation offers grants for documenting endangered languages. Visit v/Applicants/

Gates Millenium Scholars Program offers awards for science studies. Visit

 Global Environment Facility of the World Bank and YES, offers fellowships for entrepreneurs in field of renewable energy. Visit

 Scholarships for Commonwealth citizens. http://www.csfponline. org/hostcountries/uk/

 Royal Society scholarships in /funding/

 arMarshall scholarships for Americans in UK.

 Fulbright exchange programs. Visit

 UNESCO ‘Information for All,’ an international information society initiative offers funding for information literacy projects.

 Indicorps fellowships for a one-year public service program in India. Email:, or contact 2004 Indicorps scholar

 Canadian Subsidy Directory contains 3100 listings of government grants and loans, including foundations and associations. $69.95. Call 450-224-9275.

Boren Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships.
 Jacob E. Javits Fellowships. Undergrads or first year of graduate study. Includes social sciences, arts, humanities.
 Gates Cambridge Scholarship. All countries (except UK) eligible.
 Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation. Graduate funding for career in government or public service.
Keyannejad-Kapadia Zoroastrian Scholarship Fund (endowed by Homi Kapadia and Mahkrokh Keyannejad) for a member of Triangle Fraternity.

 Rotary Scholarships, to citizens of all countries where there are Rotary Clubs. Rotary ambassadorial Scholarships are

 Goldwater Scholarships for sophomores and juniors, for mathematics, natural science, engineering.

A list of trusts/organizations in India, which support postgraduate studies abroad is given in Parsiana, December 2001. Contact
 Scholarships mainly for students in India.
 Enginerring Scholarship by Northrop Grumman of $10,000 to student in Maryland, Baltimore and Illinois.

Courtesy : FEZANA Journal – Spring/March 2008 issue –

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