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Message from UN – DPI – NGO


Department of Public Information – Non-Government Organizations

31 December 2012
Dear NGO Colleagues,
As we end the Year 2012, let me take this opportunity to express my very best wishes and gratitude to all of the NGOs around the world for their monumental cooperation and I look forward to our continuing fruitful, productive partnership in the New Year.

We have a challenging year ahead!

At the beginning of the New Year, the Secretary-General will outline his priorities for 2013, which we will disseminate to all of you. The challenges faced by the international community can only be successfully addressed through solid cooperation and partnership, and I call on NGOs to make their views and voices heard about the United Nations’ wide-ranging agenda through proper channels. I would like to remind you of civil society’s valued contributions to bringing a number of priorities in the past to the forefront of global debates.

Although there was disappointment at not having held this year an Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference for the first time in its 64-year history, it allowed time for reflection on the Conference, its periodicity, its core funding, as well as the question of rotating the annual meeting between UN headquarters and various regional capitals depending on the interest and commitment of Member States. There has been a record number of Member States, including Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Hungary, Ireland, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine, that expressed interest in hosting the next Conference, but there has not been a firm commitment from any Government. DPI looks forward to a commitment by a Member State.

As we begin 2013, I will only touch on two of our latest, proud achievements: a.)
the redesign of our website ( The section continues expanding its social media strategy and providing skills enhancement through its Communications Workshops to allow the NGOs to familiarize themselves with our website as a new communication tool as well as the social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and a blog titled NGO VOICES that are aimed at encouraging intergenerational dialogue among members of the NGO community; and b.) out intensifying efforts to attract younger NGO representatives to the work of the DPI/NGO community as drivers of the UN’s social and political change. Currently, about 50 NGO youth representatives are actively participating in person or via Skype in monthly meetings facilitated by the NGO Relations.

We will continue facilitating in building greater dialogue between the Secretary-
General and the NGO community by hosting another interactive meeting with the Secretary-General during 2013 to discuss priorities and issues of mutual concern.

We are also hoping to increase efforts to mobilize NGOs from developing countries and reach out to civil society partners around the world, through local UNIC/UNIS offices, in order to enhance their interaction with and understanding of the work of the United Nations. Reaching out to new communities has indeed created greater diversity within our community and opportunities for reaching out to new grassroots organizations especially in developing countries.

NGO Relations looks forward to maintaining the unending solid partnership with NGO/DPI Executive Committee and invites all NGOs to be in touch with this body.

We are extremely grateful to all of your for all your hard work and contributions on the challenges ahead and how the United Nations can strengthen its partnership with
this key stakeholder group. The dialogue between NGO Relations and the NGO community is essential to ensuring that your voices are heard within the United Nations.

I would like to conclude my message by expressing my deep gratitude to the “older/seasoned generation” for giving, advising and guiding the “new generation” with
your example of a commitment to a lifelong dedication to the UN Charter and its principles that are needed as we face the new challenges ahead.

Your contribution to the UN has been guidance for the new generation to continue the commitment to the UN!

Best wishes from all of us in NGO Relations to you and your families for a Prosperous and Healthy 2013!

I hope that 2013 will be another year of strong and productive collaboration in support of the United Nations’ work for a better world.

Working Together: Making a difference!

Maria Luisa Chávez
NGO Relations
Department of Public Information


Courtesy : Behram Pastakia

Guidelines for use of material from the United Nations

Guidelines for use of material from the United Nations (in print, electronic or on website)

Use of NGO Relations’ Content

The following guidelines are for the external use of NGO Relations content:

•No material produced by NGO Relations is to be sold, used for outside advertising or promotional purposes of any kind.
•All content taken from the NGO Relations website/social media platforms and republished must be clearly credited or sourced to UN DPI/NGO Relations.
•Photos, videos and articles may be released under the legally recognized terms of “Fair Use” to members of the press, academia, non-profits and the general public.
•No material is to be used in programs, articles or online publications of any kind that defame the UN, its member states, or the NGO Relation Section.
•Material is provided, free of charge, for use in objective and balanced content, even if at times the end products may be critical of the UN.
•NGO Relations reserves the right to request the removal of UN Copyrighted material from any externally created content.
Courtesy : Behram Pastakia


UN System-Wide Action Plan on Youth

Dear NGO Colleagues,

The Secretary-General has made working with and for young people a priority, and has called for the development of a UN System-Wide Action Plan on Youth. To ensure partnership with and for young people in the development of the Action Plan, the UN has launched a survey to reach out to youth and youth-led organizations for their inputs. 

Kindly note that the deadline for inputs to the online survey has now been extended until Tuesday, 21 August 2012.

Your contributions to the survey can be made in all six official languages online at following link:

We would appreciate receiving your feedback!

Yours Sincerely,

NGO Relations, DPI
United Nations

Customized Tapestries

The Labour Of Love, is a social entrepreneurship project that we have started over a year ago, in the slums of Mumbai.

The objective of this project is to create a self-help group of women from the weaker sections of society, and empower them to earn a respectable & sustainable living, by working from their home. This helps the women to use their time productively, and contribute to their family’s income, which enables them put nutritious food on the table & also provide a better quality education for their children.

Now we have trained over120 women, in the fine-art of creating hand-embroidered tapestries, with intricate patterns, using a wide palette of lively colors & a high thread count that makes the designs come to life.We provide this group of women, the requisite training, designs and all the raw materials for making the tapestries and also the marketing support to sell their produce.

Every inch of the tapestry, consists of 100 hand embroidered cross-stitches! The sizes can vary from A4 size to 3ft x 3ft., with a stitch count of over130,000+ stitches. The A4 sized framed tapestries are priced fairly at Rs.3,000/- onwards, on a not-for-profit, sustainable basis.
You may want to check with your mother, sister, wife or daughter, how intensely demanding & strenuous this kind of work can be and is.

These hand embroidered tapestries are then dry-cleaned and aesthetically framed. When viewed from a distance of 6 to 10 feet, its hard to tell, if its a photograph or a tapestry.

We are sure that you will admire the hard work and efforts of these women in creating these master pieces, to make a decent living and hope that The Labour of Love tapestries find a place of pride in your heart and home.

If you so desire, you can get a custom-made tapestry, with the subject & size of your choice. Mostly people like to get tapestries of their parents, children, family, heroes & icons and of works of art. Just send us a picture of your loved & revered ones, and see what magic these women weave for you.  It is very simple to order a customized tapestry. Just follow the steps mentioned:

1) email the image that you want to make a tapestry to

2) Let us know the approximate size you want
3) We agree on the the cost & time framework.
4) You make payment
5) Tapestry gets made & sent to you by courier. Shipping costs extra.

Voila !

Attached are pictures of some of the tapestries that have been created & framed. It would be nice if you buy a tapestry and help in this making this endeavor sustainable. And, yes, it would also be wonderful to have you tell your friends & colleagues about The Labour of Love.

Thank you.

Manish Shukla & Nerissa Framroze-Ellaboudi


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Working to Address Poverty and Climate Change in India”

IDCA Conference:  August 11, 2012
India Development Coalition of America (IDCA)  is   a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization which  promotes networking, collaboration, learning, giving, and volunteering both in US and India to support our member and partner organizations so as to help eradicate poverty and support prosperity in India. (
We have planned a  one day   Conference in Washington, DC area at the John Hopkins University Campus in Rockville, MD  ( Building A & R) on August 11, 2012. The theme is, “ Working Together to Address Poverty and Climate Change in India”
This is a great opportunity to learn about the service activities of  a number of organizations and get inspired. Get involved
Contact: Dileep Thatte:
Dileep Thatte
6 Leafy Overlook Court
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Mobile: 240-316-9044

Freyaz Shroff speaks to United Nations panel

Freyaz Shroff speaks to a United Nations panel in New York at the 56th session of the Commission on the Status of Women.

People are a priority and passion for Freyaz Shroff.

Folks –near and far, known and unfamiliar – are precious to her, especially those enduring hunger and poverty.

”I think we all belong to one big family, and you help out when your family is in need,” said Shroff, 37, who began her life as a volunteer at 15 while attending Myrtle Beach High School.

Her other vivacious activities and involvements may be followed on :


Sir Shapurji Billimoria Foundation – Newsletter June 2012

Greetings from the Foundation!

Please find attached our Newsletter No. 40 – June 2012.

With Regards

Roda Billimoria – Desai, Honorary Managing Trustee;  Usha P. Bhatia-Principal,TEC

Sir Shapurji Billimoria Foundation
Correspondence Address: Nanik Niwas Bldg., 2nd Flr. Flat No. 24, Opp. Tata Garden, Warden Road, Mumbai 26.

Tel/Fax: 23696596      Tel: 66648768


Donations for Community Welfare Programmes

We are a charitable trust, registered with the charity commissioner’s office.The trust was established in 1995.

Currently, we are maintaining 76 residential apartments for housing middle income group Parsi Zoroastrians at Vasai.

Our aim / goal is to impart a sustainable support system to all needy people , irrespective of their social lineage., by way of education aid, medical aid etc.

We consider the most important support system required currently is the education of under privileged children, coming from Below Poverty Line or Borderline BPL backgrounds.

Attached documents are for your reference and with a request for your support towards our endeavor !!

Please forward this to your friends,colleagues and associates for their contributions towards a social cause.

With best regards,

Viraf S Mehta

Managing Trustee

The Vasai Taluka Parsi Panchayet Charitable Trust

VTPPCT-Letter for charity

80G Certificate

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