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KurNiv Success Solutions – Designing Organizations

KurNiv Success Solutions – Designing Organizations

Globalization is indeed shrinking the world and in the business world boundaries are disappearing. Whether a corporate, a multinational or a local business, in some way, shape or form it is affected by how business is being done globally:

– Freyaz Shroff

Informative Homoeopathy Website



Consultant Homeopath and Bach Flower Therapist, Dr. Zubin P.Marolia has created a useful and informative website


Dr. Marolia is a prolific writer and his articles have been posted on this web-site. He has worked at the Lucas Cancer Clinic in Switzerland and the HELIXOR Cancer Institute in Germany in the field of MISTLETOE Therapy of Cancer. He has been invited to lecture at various institutions in India and abroad to spread the gospel of Homeopathy and Holistic Healing. He has also lectured on Mistletoe Cancer Therapy and Bach Flower Therapy.


Dr. Marolia believes hat homeopathy and holistic healing is the avenue to encompass the totality of man and thus is the complete approach to healing.


Do visit the website for interesting nuggets of medical information and holistic healing.


Noshir Dadrawala.

Dr. Farokh Erach Udwadia

Graduated from the University of Bombay (MBBS) with a Distinction in Medicine and several other subjects in 1953. MD from the University of Bombay in 1956. Awarded a Distinction and Gold Medals. The youngest Indian to be so elected. Trained at the Brompton Hospital and Middlesex Hospital, London and was on the house staff of City Hospital and Northern General Hospital, Edinburgh, in Professor John Crofton’s Unit.

Parsiana Yellow Pages – 2008

Form for Free Listing in the Parisana Yellow Pages

Online Form for Advertising in the Yellow Pages

Dear Fellow Zoroastrians

In an effort to boost entrepreneurship in the community, Parsiana is preparing a Global Yellow Pages directory of Parsi and Irani Zoroastrian business enterprises. The purpose of the directory is to make the community aware of the services, products and facilities available.

Zoroastrians have a reputation for enterprise, quality products and services. Given a choice many consumers would opt for a product which they know has been manufactured by a Parsi enterprise.

To qualify for free inclusion in the directory the business must be Zoroastrian owned (minimum 25% ownership required), irrespective of the size, number of employees or the turnover. From shipbuilding to chocolate making, all businesses qualify for the free listing.

Attached is a list of headings we have shortlisted. You can include your business under them or should you feel the existing headings do not cover your enterprise, you may indicate the necessary heading and we could consider that classification.

In addition to the free listing, should you wish to advertise your services and products in the Yellow Pages, you are welcome to do so. We have kept our rates as nominal as possible to partially help cover the cost of printing and free distribution of the directory. We attach a rate sheet to give you an idea of the sizes, columns and costs involved. Non-Parsi enterprises are welcome to advertise.

We intend to publish the directory by November 15, 2006 and request you to submit the data early to ensure inclusion. Due to the high cost of postage, sending out reminders is expensive and a waste of scarce community resources.

Should you wish any further information, or assistance, please do contact us. We would like the Yellow Pages to be a showpiece of Parsi and Irani enterprise

Thanking you and with best wishes


Veera J Patel and Jasmine D Driver
Directory Coordinators

Click here for a free listing of your company in the Parisana Yellow Pages

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