Alyque Padamsee

A man of many talents – Alyque Padamsee is also known as the Ad Guru of India. He is responsible for revolutionizing the advertising scene of India. However, since drama was always his passion, he has a long and fruitful association with the stage, both English and Marathi.Alyque Padamsee  As a stage director, Alyque Padamsee has created legends such as `Evita`, which launched the stage career of Sharon Prabhakar; `Tughlaq`, which flagged off the career of the internationally known actor Kabir Bedi, `A Streetcar named Desire`, which made stars of Dalip Tahil and Sabira Merchant and `Kabaret`, which brought Shiamak Davar to fame. Besides these productions, Alyque Padamsee has acted and directed numerous stage productions that have won worldwide acclaim. On television, he can be given the credit of introducing the serial and introducing “Karamchand”, who yet remains the unforgettable character on the television screen. He has been conferred the Lifetime Achievement award by the Sangeet Natak Academy.


Adil Writer

With his Maruti Zen parked ten feet from his wheel, earphones plugged into the car tape deck, Adil Writer flew into his “one-offs” with a joyous abandon. Self-confident and self-directed, he quailed at the idea that he needed to master—or even become familiar with—a few basic techniques. Adil was going to create and ceramic process be damned. He had a real talent for loading every form he made with just about every idea—and there was no dearth of ideas—that happened to pass through his mind and often included every scrap of clay trimmings that could be swept from the floor around his wheel. No “less is more” for this Mumbai architect turning potter.

Shernaaz Engineer – Journalist – Publisher

Shernaaz Engineer began her career as a journalist in the mid-1990s, writing on Mumbai life, women’s issues, and television. Shernaaz later went on to work freelance as a columnist and writer, writing weekly columns on the social landscape of Mumbai’s movers and shakers, and wrote a ‘Page 3’ column for the Bombay Times – the bastion of the Mumbai ‘masala’ zone. She also wrote freelance for Verve, the Taj Magazine, and many others.

Darius Dhalla – Architect

Darius Dhalla has been inspired and driven by Kamal Dhalla (mother) who was exceptionally creative and passionate about her work, about glass designing, the arts and about life at large and inherited a love for architecture and design.


Playing a very vital role in his life, Kamal believed in Darius and wholeheartedly nurtured his passions but also posed as his biggest critic. Choosing to study architecture, Darius spent five long hardworking but enjoyable years at the L.S. Raheja School of Architecture in Mumbai, graduating in the year 1991.

After graduation, over and above designing homes and interiors; both residential and commercial, Darius has even been working and learning all about glass with his mother, Kamal in her company Accent Glass Art.

Darius strongly believes, working in these varied yet inter related fields has helped him grow in a holistic way.

Dr. Keki Turel

An internationally renowned neurosurgeon. He completed MBBS in 1968 and qualified as a Neurosurgeon (MS Neurosurgery) from Grant Medical College and J.J. Hospital (Bombay University) in 1975, and later trained in Germany with the legendary Iranian born Professor Madjid Samii. He obtained the American Board in Clinical Neurological Surgery, and, American Board in Neurological and Orthopedic Medicine and Surgery in 1991, and was awarded several other fellowships (FICS, FICG, FAIS, FACS and Hon. FRCSE) over the years. Currently, he is the Professor and Head of Department of Neurosurgery at Bombay Hospital, Mumbai which he joined in 1988.

Dr. Turners’ Speciality Dental Center

Our mission is to create a million dollar smile for you – your’s is to flash it !

It is our endeavor to deliver the highest quality dental care to our patients through the latest and state of the art dental treatment procedures in a warm, caring and professional environment. Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Care and more, right in the heart of Mumbai (Bombay) – Dr. Porus Turner, Dr. Ferzin Turner, Dr. Ashdin Turner, Mr. Danesh Vazifdar, Dr. Rashnavi Masalwala

Managing Across Cultures

Managing Across Cultures is a cross-cultural International Management Consulting and Training firm, helping organizations to enhance their international business productivity while working across cultures. We assist corporations develop culture-specfic insights that are crucial to international business collaborations and offer special expertise in facilitating joint-venture partnerships, having worked with leading multinational corporations like DuPont, AT&T, and Air India. Managing Across Cultures has Associates with business collaboration expertise for or in India, China, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Sweden, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Singapore, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, and other Latin American and European countries, as well as in leading U.S. locations.- Dr. Zareen Karani Araoz