Zoroastrian Sacred Sites, Iran

Zoroastrian temple of Pir-e-Naraki, near Yazd, Chak Chak and many more – Very Interesting . ……………………… Contributed by Dilnawaz Irani



Pundole ni Agiary

Udvada – Pundole ni Agiary

Udvada is a town in Gujarat, renowned for the Iranshah Ātash Bahrām, the oldest and most famous of the Parsi Fire temples.

Udvada is a coastal town 200 km north of Mumbai, around 8 km off the national highway, NH8. Trains ply from Mumbai to Udvada, including the Gujarat Express, the Ferozepur Janta Express and Saurashtra Express. Udvada means the ‘grazing ground of camels’, which it was before it became a fishing village.