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NoRooz Celebration 2022 Kurdistan – Awat Darya and Yesna Organization

Dear Zoroastrians, Ushta, I hope you are all well and in peace.


On March 20, 2022, as a member of the committee preparing for Nowruz celebrations in Sulaymaniyah province, Kurdistan, among 16 members, I as the representative of the Zoroastrians and Azad Saeed, director of Yesna Organization for the Development of Zoroastrian Philosophy in Kurdistan, we celebrated with all the Zoroastrians in Sulaymaniyah, it was happy celebrations, where more than ten  Thousands of Zoroastrians and non-Zoroastrians participated in this event.


It was broadcasted live on numerous TV and Radio channels, and we as Zoroastrians gave an example of how the celebrations of Nowruz were conducted in the time of the Sassanids when the Zoroastrian religion was spread in the homeland of the Aryans (ancient Iran), which extended from the borders of India to the borders of China, passing through Asia Minor in Tajikistan  And Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, present Iran, Kurdistan and Mesopotamia along the eastern side of the Euphrates River, where we presented a play that embodies the spirit of celebrations on Nowruz festivals at that time, to make people understand that Nowruz holidays have become part of the heritage and traditions of the Aryan peoples who still celebrate it as a Feast.


On behalf of the Zoroastrians of Kurdistan and Iraq, we congratulate you on the holidays of Nowruz, hoping that it will be the beginning of goodness, love, peace, prosperity and happiness for all human beings in the world.



And most importantly, the Prime Minister of Iraq, has declared NoRooz as a National Holiday (after so many centuries)




Awat Darya





































Leave your front door

And back door open

Allow your thoughts

To come and go

Just don’t serve them tea

(Shunryu Suzuki )


Thoughts will come

Thoughts will flow

Thoughts are like

Tiny boats that

That are bobbing

Along on the waves

Before they reach

The “shore”


They may encounter

:”Rough Seas”

“Violent storms”

Waves high as

A mountain gushing

Upon the boat

But, the boats

Keeps chugging along

In Spite of this

“Inclement weather”

With the power of prayers

One can “weather the storm”


After the storm comes the calm

As it’s said ” Prayers can tame

The wildest beast”

Never lose hope in one’s

Power of Prayers

Cause that’s all we wish

In one’s hour of need


Good thoughts leads to

Good words as well deeds

Since humanity is facing a


That’s what we wish in

Our hour of need

Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

Oct 6th 2021

Specific prayers for specific needs

Are there any specific prayers linked to various needs like seeking help in sickness etc.?

  • by Ramiyar Karanjia

* The primary aim of prayer in any religion is to elevate the mind and awaken the soul. This automatically gives rise to other beneficial effects like peace, health and happiness.
* Zoroastrian prayers are also a great source of health and healing. In the Ardibahesht Yasht, where five types of healings are mentioned, healing by prayers is listed as the highest type of healing since it heals from within. Apart from health and healing, prayers are helpful for other aspects of life too, for instance there are prayers for success, courage and confidence.
* The following are some main prayers for specific purposes:

  • Khorshed and Meher Nyash for intellect and spiritual energy;
  • Mah Bokhtar Nyash for peace of mind, psychological problems, depression, lunacy, at the time of surgery and for recovery after surgery;
  • Atash Nyash for seeking help from the sacred fire;
  • Hormazd Yasht for positive energy and wellbeing;
  • Haptan Yasht for any general planetary problems and afflictions;
  • Ardibahesht Yasht for general health, wellbeing, immunity and recovery from fever and other general illnesses;
  • Khordad Yasht for employment, job and career;
  • Avan Ardvisur Nyash and Avan Yasht for issues related to conception, child birth, menstruation and urinary tract problems;
  • Tir Yasht for eye strength and eye related problems.

Courtesy : Jame Jamshed – 261221


Who are we as humans

To practice RDB

Against  another human?

No matter what colour

Caste creed

Or no matter what

Walk of life

Rich poor beggar thief


We do not a minute

Hesitate to vehemently express

Our views on every single aspects

That affect our lives

But why not our Religion

Cause we expect Him

To be there

To catch us in

His safety net


We should learn a

Very valuable lesson

From Covid 19

It wraps it’s icy claws

Sticks to one like a leech

Without making any distinction

No matter what denomination

Zoroastrians are no exceptions


Pandemics will come

Pandemics will go

Will some wooden hearts melt ?

We will never know


Choicest Happiness


Farida Bamji

Sept 23rd 2020


Common Sense Reasoning and Fatwas

I have nothing against

The “Establishment” but

The attitude they portray

As though “They are the Alpha

And  the Omega”

(Keepers of the Faith)

Save you from any

Calamity that is thrown

Your way!


Humanity has been endowed

With Common Sense as well

The Power of Reasoning

So even if tells one to do something

Weigh one’s option before one executes it


Just because one bades one

To jump in the well

I wonder whether one would jump

Stand up have a spine

An say” After you”

That will stop  that person

Issuing the Fatwas in his/her tracks


Just because

One is a priest

Cannot order people

Around or issue Fatwas

Cause one doesn’t have

Monopoly over wisdom


The day “Fatwa issuing People”

Perform  miracles

Like Moses did parting of

The Red Sea or if one

Is able make the variants

Disappear and heal sick

Or as Asho Zarathushtra cured the horse

May be I would believe it


No human whether a lay or priest

Can perform miracles

So stopyour idiotic nonesical fatwas

By ordering people around


So stop listening and use one’s

Common sense as well as

Power Reasoning

Including have Faith one’s Prayers

That’s the only way to lead

One’s life ( deaf dumb blind)

As they say:

“You are the master of your fate and captain of your soul”


Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji


Parsi Psyche

United we stand

Divided we fall”

We will never be united

But will surely crumble like

The  Berlin Wall!


Where there is

Sumptuous food

And lots of wine

To drink

Parsis swarm like bees

They gorge & gorge

Till they say” No more

Thank you Please

Keeping the Motto:

Ëat Drink and be Merry alive


Having deaf ears as

As well being  blind as

To what’s going on

Half a world away

The attitude:””Who cares””

As long as it’s not in our backyard


Religious Meetings on Zoom

Is doing nobody any good

Instead concentrate on

How to eradicate

Hunger disease poverty

And eradicate

Hatred Racism Bigotry


Do you know that the

Situation in  Afghanistan

Has gone so dire

That families are selling

Their babies as commodities

In order to provide food

For the rest of their  families

And  light the house fire


If you Parsis were in dire need

Of food water shelter or clothing

Would you consider selling your kids

As commodities?or

Would you rather starve to death

Before you took your last breath



Before one frets and fumes

or  let  Fire coming out ones ears

After reading what I penned

The reason being :I am A Parsi

As well as A Human


Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

Oct 26th 2021






Invitation – The Good Mind – Nurturing Nature – A Zoroastrian Perspective on Sustainable Development




Please join us on the Sun, 18 Sep 2022 at 8am PST, 11am ET, 4pm UK, 8.30pm IST, 11pm SGT Meeting ID: 820 3398 4161 Passcode: GOODMIND

We will highlight the concept of the Queen’s Green Canopy project

There will be an address by Lord Karan Bilimoria CBE, DL


The Good Mind – Nurturing Nature, a reciprocal relationship for the Good of Individuals and the Collective The Nurturing Nature is the nature of the ‘Fravashi’ – that essence of Ahura Mazda in every aspect of Creation.

Dr. Shirin Madon is an Associate Professor at the London School of Economics and teaches courses on technology in the development and humanitarian sectors. She carries out research studying community health governance structure, and on digital identity platforms for refugee management. She seeks to understand the value of the innovation for organisations managing humanitarian assistance, for partner organisations and affected communities.

In this session Shirin will draw on her ongoing research on primary healthcare in Karnataka to highlight the importance of community engagement during acute crises such as COVID-19 and routine public health priorities while improving understanding of the term ‘resilience’.

Ervad Tehemton Mirza: volunteers religious and spiritual services to Zoroastrians in South Western Ontario and Michigan. He has published articles on Zoroastrianism, spoken on Zoroastrian topics and teaches courses at the NAMC Institute of Zoroastrian studies. He currently serves as the President of the North American Mobeds Council and heads the NAMC Institute of Zoroastrian Studies. CPA by profession, he is also a marathoner.

In this talk Ervad Tehemton will discuss some of the concepts of Sustainable Development (UN 17 SDGs) in the light of the Zoroastrian Faith.

The Zoroastrian Faith includes timeless time-tested messages that inspire good actions for Happiness and Harmony which encompass all aspects of life including different aspects of Sustainable Development. These principles guide material progress while promoting Mental and Spiritual development at the Collective and Individual levels for the Good of All. The Good of All – at the Collective and Individual Level is also appreciated as the essence of all Faiths, the UN 17 SDGs, Science and good Governance among other groups of Good Thoughts and Actions. Previous webinars have formed programmes at the Parliament of the World’s Religions Recordings available.

Webinar – The Good Mind – Nurturing Nature

The Good Mind – Nurturing Nature – Zoroastrianism and Sustainable Development

Enabled by Mr. Yazdi Tantra

Co-ordinated and moderated by Dr. Karishma Koka (PhD, Neuroscience)


Globally Regarded As One Of The Most Highly Revered Senior-most Zarathushti Head Priest In Iran.


BaNaMeh Ahura Mazda

To Think A Good Thought, To Speak A Good Word, To Do A Good Deed Is Righteousness.

Happiness Comes To Those Who Choose To Live With The Consciousness Of Righteousness.

And With That Preciousness, Ladies And Gentlemen…

This Is Meher Amalsad From California,  And With Immense Pleasure,

I would like To Speak A Few Words In Honor Of Our Highly Respected Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary, at this very special commemoration ceremony in his Honor on Father’s Day in Iran.

He is globally regarded as one of the most Highly Revered Senior-most Zarathushti Head Priest in Iran.

I have had the good fortune of knowing him as a passionate Mobed and a compassionate family friend for the past 35-Plus Years.

And over the years,  we have had this distinctive opportunity to work together towards supporting our Future Generation In Iran, through the World Zoroastrian Youth Congresses, and via other communal endeavors that were focused on promoting our Zarathushti youth in Iran. And I have truly appreciated his kindness and graciousness towards reaching out to humanity.

Presently, he is also serving as the Senior Advisor and the Guiding Light for the BaHumata Global Prayer, Leadership And Entrepreneurship Monthly Webinar Series, for which we are truly grateful.


My Dear And Respected Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary…

You have been an inspiration for serving the worldwide Zarthoshti community, with a commendable willingness to share your wisdom and knowledge, along with your scholastic contribution of numerous articles on various religious subjects.

You have been a pioneer in Avesta recitations through the best researched pronunciations, which were shared globally through your conducted classes, teaching media, as well as through audio recordings, in conjunction with your published book on Khordeh Avesta, which has been standardized for teaching,  as well as for public prayer recitations.

You have been an avid promoter of Gender Equity, Human Equality and Communal Equanimity,  by spearheading the basis and graduation of eight Lady Mobedyars in Iran.

Being officiated in the Yasna rituals,  you have trained five very proficient Mobeds to replace you in that role,  for which I salute you with all my heart and spirit.


Now For Those Who Don’t  Know…

Our Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary  has been awarded the “Chehre Mandegar” (Everlasting personality) by the Tehran Zarthoshty Anjuman,  for his 50 plus years of selfless service to our community as well as humanity.

He has been appointed as the Marriage Registrar for Zoroastrians of Tehran, by the Justice Ministry of the Iranian government,   which he conducts with immense joy and pride.

Our Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary  has represented Iran, and participated in panel discussions at several prominent venues namely:  the Parzor UNESCO Filing of Novrooz amongst UNESCO’s World Cultural listings, The World Zoroastrian Congress in Tehran, and Tehran University celebrations of UNESCO’s declaration of the 2000th year of Iranian Culture.

He has also been involved in numerous national and international seminars on Iranian culture and interfaith meetings, the last being his Panel and Prayer sessions at the 2019 Ninth European Conference of Iranian Studies held at Berlin University.

In addition to serving as a Mobed, he built an outstanding career that spanned over 5-decades, as an Industrial Electronics Engineer after receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from India in 1958.

For 10-years, he was employed by J. N. Marshall & Co – a Parsi Owned Engineering firm in India, where he held responsible and prominent positions as the Service and Branch Manager.

In 1968, he married Mehrangiz from Iran and a year later returned to Iran,  where he was first employed by IBM international and then transferred to Honeywell Controls in Tehran,  where he served as the Head of the Electrical and Instrumentation department for over 20+ years.  Even though he officially retired in 1999, he continued to work until 2016. That’s What I Call A Commendable Dedication.

Ladies And Gentlemen:

It is said that: How We Think About Our World, Changes Our World

My Dear And Respected Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary:

Your Forward And Insightful Thinking,  has helped to change the inner world of many Zarathushtis in Iran and worldwide.

Your name “Mehraban” means kind, but you are kinder than kind.

You truly are a person who is “gifted with a spiritual and luminous face, emanating vibrant energy coupled with the knowledge, wisdom and ability to propagate the pristine message of our prophet Zarathushtra”.

And that’s why you are revered as a “Peer”, the eldest, and most enlightened dedicated Iranian Mobed.   But with utmost humility and modesty, you still prefer to be addressed as “Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary”.

I Love That Spirit Of Humility And Dignity In You.

You Truly Are A Gem Of A Human Being For Which I Salute You With All My Love And Light

Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary, it has been a joy and a privilege;  of knowing you as a Special Friend.

So, At This Very Special Commemoration Celebration in your Honor

I Thank You For Your Fatherly Guidance To Our Zarathushti Community And Humanity.

I am grateful for the gift of your friendship and thankful for the blessing of your leadership.

And, I wish you a life filled with Love, Light, Grace, Joy And Peace.

Be Blessed And Stay Blessed With The Blessings Of Ahura Mazda.  Ushta-Te And Ushta-Ve


Happiness Today, Love Always To You My Dear Respected Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary

Meher Amalsad

Westminster, California, USA


A Special Dedication In Honor Of Our Highly Respected Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary – Head Priest, Iran


In every religion
There is love
But Love has no
Neither it’s entrenched
With Hate violence
But teaches us compassion

When one is consumed
With utter Hatred
Just because they
Hold different ideologies
Or for matter are of

Different colour, caste or creed?

Negative feelings it does breeds

As I have stated before
Hatred is spread through
Ignorance which are
Accepted by fools
As well idiots.

So if one wants acceptance
Embrace diversity as well


Nobody has monopoly

Over wisdom



Greatness is not found in

Possession power position

Or prestige.

It is discovered in goodness

Humility service and character

Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

June 16th2021





The Good Mind – Nurturing Nature – A Zoroastrian Perspective


‘The Good Mind – Nurturing Nature – A Zoroastrian Perspective of Sustainable Development for Progress Together’ (Number 1629 submission to the Parliament of World’s Religions)
Submitted by Mrs. Jerou RamMohan Panthaki (member ZTFE).
Much gratitude to Mr. Yazdi Tantra for making this recording, and to our Respected speakers for their kindness and dedication to sharing the message of Asho Zarathushtra and raising the awareness of the Zarathushti Daena with the World.

We aim to build Intellectual, Emotional, Ecological and Entrepreneurial progress.
Ervad Dr. Jehan Bagli will give an overview of what needs to be done to save Creation
Mrs. Jer Panthaki Rammohan will explain how breath and air are key and link us in a fellowship with each other and with Nature, and how this links to Energy and Transformation.
Mobed Zarrir Bhandara will explain some of the key elements of how the Faith cares for Ecology – particularly Plants and Animals.
Dr. Hanoze Santoke- a Professor focussing on Photo-degradation will explain how Science and Technology can be directly linked to some of the concepts of Ecology and the Faith.
Dr. Karishma is a Neuroscientist. She will introduce the mutualistic relationships between the Good Mind, Fellowship, emotional resilience, caring for Nature and each other, increasing innovation and wellbeing.

We share with the world a Zoroastrian Perspective on Sustainable Development for progress together which combines Scientific Progress, Spiritual Wisdom, Fellowship, Mutual Respect for All, Good Governance and Self-Regulation to make informed choices that are good for the Earth and Human Fellowship, Peace, Happiness and Harmony.
We build upon a webinar marking the World Environment Day with Scientists, Priests and Scholars. 30th May 2021
The speakers included Ervad Dr. Jehan Bagli (FEZANA, NAMC), Mobed Saheb Zarrir Bhandara (NAMC), Dr. Hanoz Santoke (FEZANA), and Dr.Karishma Koka (Ba Humata and ZTFE)

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